About Us

The Mag Crew is a website dedicated to reveal the widespread exploitation and problems in the magazine sales industry. It seeks to dig further into the plight of children and teenagers forced to live a life of abuse as door-to-door magazine sellers.

It is our aim to spread awareness about the irregularities in the industry so that authorities and legislators can provide those employed as magazine peddlers with legal protection. It has come to our attention that members of these magazine crews are rarely receiving minimum wage and overtime pay from clearinghouses and are often subjected to brutal treatment and violence by their managers or handlers. Simply put, many magazine crew members are victims of child slavery.

This national problem doesn’t end with human trafficking and violence. Many consumers are also victims of large-scale magazine sales fraud. In the recent years, many companies across the United States were sued by the Attorney General for fraud. These erring businesses sold magazine subscriptions to customers but failed to deliver the magazines.

To shed more light to this burgeoning problem, we will regularly feature articles and news about the magazine sales industry and related social issues. We will also collaborate with our partners to tackle the issue from all sides and give a voice to those who are victims of the industry’s heartless operators.

Should you wish to join us and be involved in our cause, feel free to reach us through our contact page.