Avoid Being Battered – Recognize The Signs Of A Violent Person

Being in a relationship with a violent person is very dangerous. Not only are you endangering yourself, but you’re also putting your children in harm’s way. Although a person does not want to get into a relationship with someone who has an aggressive nature, a violent individual can hide his true self quite cleverly. So, it’s common for […]


The end of a relationship is always tough to handle, but tougher still is to be the one to go through the process that is known as being dumped. There are numerous reasons for a relationship to end. But all the reasons in the world won’t help to show you how to get through the pain of getting […]

Existential Psychotherapy

Existential psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy based on the existential philosophy of the 19th and 20th centuries and has been developed as a therapeutic school under Otto Rank. According to existential psychotherapy, people are unhappy and live in an unauthentic manner due to the fact that they are permanently under the pressure of existential anguish. According to […]

Emotional Abuse is Emotional Bullying

The Silent Treatment – Making Changes to Break the Silence The silent treatment is a damaging form of nonverbal communication in an interpersonal relationship. Abuse victims need to make changes to stop this abhorrent mind game. Interpersonal communication is a learned skill. Children learn their communication skills mostly from watching their parents. Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills are […]

Which Contact Lenses are Most Comfortable?

Are Soft Lenses More Comfortable than Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses? Soft contact lenses are worn by most people who prefer lenses over glasses, but gas permeable lenses can be a more comfortable option for some wearers. Here’s why. Millions of people wear contact lenses, with around 80% choosing a soft lens as prescribed by their optician. Advances in […]

Encouraging Female Friendships

Cultural Norms. We live in a “trash and bash” society. Reality TV shows and magazines have helped to normalize a communal celebration of each other’s failings. We find a perverse satisfaction in the stories of crumbled relationships, emotional breakdowns, and drug addictions. Bodies are examined and criticized, accusations and assertions are made based on entertainment value rather than […]

The Belief Behind Teenage Behavior Problems

Treating symptoms doesn’t often cure behavior issues with teens. According to Adlerian theory, teen discipline problems will continue until parents address the underlying reason for the problem – what Adler called, “the belief behind the misbehavior”. Teenage Behavior Problems Stem From Underlying Issues Some parents address the same teenage behavior problems over and over with little results. Other […]

Former Agent Stories

Criminals within the door-to-door magazine sales industry are still exploiting their workers and it seems that nothing can stop them from luring children and teenagers from low-income neighborhoods out of their homes. Stories about what really traveling door-to-door magazine sales crews circulate around the internet and to call them heartbreaking is an understatement. There were magazine sales agents […]