As a mom of an eleven year old and a door to door crew manager I was shocked to see what happens with traveling crews. I run an early evening crew with teens who work locally --no travel involved. At least not out of state. We use a legitamite charity along with one of the top five newspapers in the country. The kids work three hours a night and I give them all a ride home. In addition they are paid well. some take home more than $250 a week for twenty hours work. I also keep in touch with and have friendships with my old proteges. Some are in law school, some married with kids, some still in sales. This can be a positive experience in a childs life. I myself started doors at 14 and worked my way through college,bought my condo and raise my son through newspaper subscription sales. There are alot of legitamite caring people in this business so sorry to hear about the "slave drivers." It taints those of us with integrity.