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I am married now. I quit in 2000, and I live in texas

story: I started when i was 18 with my twin sister. We were taken to Carrolton,TX. I wanted something new and i was hired right on the spot. I didnt need to have an interview. They told me if there was anyone i knew who wanted to join to tell them that they can. They said they would pick my sister and i up in a limo. I thought that was cool, but we didnt.

Well the guy who picked us up - I ended up being with him for like 3 years. It was the worst relationship i was in. We would fight constantly and he was physically and emotionally abusive to me. They treat u like crap. Also if someone didnt make any sales u cant talk to them. They were ridiculed and called a W.A.B (weak ass bitch).

One day my boyfriend was hitting me cause i wasnt making any sales, and he thought i was cheating on him. I had to go to the hospital cause i couldnt walk. He didnt even bother to take me cause the boss was getting him a car and that is what he cared about. I wanted to see this place in roanoke where we were staying, but he told me i didnt make enough money for him to take me.

One day i was screaming for someone to help me, but no one did. I even told the president of the company's wife and all she said was i could go travel with someone else. Like all these stories, there are drugs and sex. Also alot of couples fight and hit eachother. There is alot to say about the mag life. The only good thing is that i got to see the states. If someone asked me if it is a good idea to join i would say no.




sold for 3 months. In that time I was witness to 3 forced abortions, 5 gang like beatings of sales agents, excessive drug use, and all around lack of human decency from the management. My advice to the other kids out there, stay away from these liars. Stay home. It's not worth your life. They left me in the middle of Connecticut with no money and nowhere to go. They all deserve to be shut down, and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that it happens!

B another one

Well i started out by answering an ad in the local paper,i had just dropped out of school and i was struggeling. It said come travel road rules style! So i went to the hotel for the interview because after all i really had nothing to lose. I thought it sounded like a blast! The ad runner was seriously attractive, and said it was all one big party and you got paid for it. So i said yes, it wouldnt hurt to at least try. He told me i had to be ready to go in three hours, that part i did not like. i have a ton of clothes and a lot of friends that i had to leave.

We got to the hotel at about ten pm and everyone else including the mngr were out at some kind of party? So the ad runner and i decided to go to a club. We ended up getting totally wasted and didnt get back to the hotel until about three in the morning. I couldnt believe it my first day on the job!! the next day i had to go out on territory w/another agent and since there werent a lot of girls on crew i had to train w/a guy. we go to a meeting in the morn it was like a pep rally for the other agents to create so called "positive mental attitudes!?" we get into these eight to twelve passenger vans. each one holding three to five people. In the crew life if you dont write consistant business you are called names and thrown in the "pit" of the van.

We got dropped off at eleven o'clock and were told to return at two, three hours. My trainer tells me he never works first drop, that he usually finds some where to hide out (just in case the car-h. decides to spot us out) and then he gets baked and goes back at two and lies his business. if and when he gets caught in this lie, he is either hit or verbally abused by the car handelers!

After first drop you are taken to get something to eat - if the car didnt have any business then you are taken to a gas station for food. And if you dont have any money well then you dont eat!! this was my very first day on crew, and the rest of the day i was so high going to doors it was not cool! and even though i wanted to leave, i really had no where to go back home so i stayed on crew. it got better though my first day on t i sold ten by myself. and the mngr immediately took me under his wing calling me his "new power agent" and giving me money to go shop and tan and whatever i wanted. needless to say i was pretty happy. untill i had a bad day on t, then i was treated like shit! i was called names like weak and incomp. shit like that!

The worst story i have to tell is when the crew was in florida. We were in st augestine, we had just arrived not even there for five hours and the mngr had been telling us all day no drugs or alcohal in the hotel. and since the whole crew smoked pot and drank that didnt happen. one of the agents ended up with out even realising it asking one of the hotel managers for smoke! our mngr was told and flipped shit. he came into my room where the agent was and took him by his neck and slammed him against the wall! after beating the living shit out of him. he drove him up to the bus station and dropped him off (no money no clothes, nothing)! i had never seen anything like in my whole life it was horrible. but i couldnt leave, i was stuck.

A couple weeks later i started getting sick from not eating right and lots of stress. that day i was dropped off on t and may i add that it was shit for t! you see because i was stressed i was negative and not writing a lot of business so i was being treated like shit. so i was dropped off in the ghetto at eleven and told not to come back untill i had twenty sales in my ducket and that he would be back to pick me up at eight pm!!! i went to my first door and because i was so sick i passed out right at mrs jones door! i came to in her arms and she was freaking out. she wanted to call 911 but i wouldnt let her knowing that the manager would flip if i didnt have my business, so i went back to work. after i finally got twenty sales it was about five o'clock or so and i knew my car handler wouldnt show untill eight. so i went and called a cab. and i went to the ER. after all of the testing and everything i was diagnosed with vertigo a viral disease caused by stress and malnutrition. i called our office lady and told her where i was and that i needed to be picked up because i was too weak to do anything. she immediatly asked what i had on the day, i told her twenty. she was quiet for a long time and then she told me that i was lucky i had twenty because i was in a lot of trouble. they came and got me and took me to the office. now remember that im really sick and i cant even barely stand. The manager comes in and slams the door and just starts ripping me a new asshole for bailing on the car handler. he doesnt ask if im alright or anything he asks for my ducket and tells me to pack my shit! I start to argue saying that i have no where to go. and he tells me i should have planned my day better. after that he sends me to the bus station with only enough money for a ticket. im on the bus for three days with no food or any money.

Im back home now, im a little better because im eating right and sleeping regularly. i have no home, im staying with my grandparents, but i cant stay long. i still havent seen any of my money and probably never will. now i have to start all over. and even though i have no job and no home, im still happy because im not on the crew anymore.

I hope that some one reads this and does something about these people, their horrible and deserve to be punished for using and abusing kids the way that they are. and all for their own benefit!

something has to be done!!!!




When I left Battle Creek Michigan I never believed that I had led a sheltered life. But the next few months proved me innocent. At one point I had random men walk into my room in the middle of the night looking for my roommate. When she wasn't around they wanted to know if I wanted to sleep with them for drugs like crack and heroine. I had no idea I was living with a prostitute. Another girl in the crew claimed to have been raped by two of the other crewmembers at the same time. I watched 4 of the guys jump a guy at the urging of a manager because he had bragged that he was stealing cash from the company. The victim was kicked off the crew after he had been hospitalized. Sex and drugs were what we lived for. I would get $15 a day for food. Most of the time I would put $10 a day toward weed with someone else. That only left $5/day each for munchies. I was always sharing a room with 4 or 5 other people of either sex. Whoever you shared a room with always had a boy/girlfriend and sometimes there would be 2 or 3 different couples having sex at the same time. It was like an orgy 24/7. No wonder I ended up pregnant.

When I finally figured out that I was pregnant I was freaking out. Here I was 2,000 miles from home and the only person that I could turn to was my manager. I couldn't tell my mom. My fellow crew mates thought it was no biggie. The guy that I slept with thought it was "cool" because he'd had unprotected sex all the time and he'd never gotten anyone pregnant (that he knew of). That wasn't scarry or anything. (It took me 2 years to get an HIV test I was so scared that I might be positive. Fortunately for me THAT test came back a big NEGATIVE) His attitude about the pregnancy was bad but the overall attitude was "abortion". For the other girls in the crew it became a second form of birth control. Everyone's attitude made me sick. Eventually I did get the abortion, but I never felt comfortable with my decision and I cried through the whole thing.

When I went to my appointment, my manager had already dropped off all of my other crew members. I was the last one. She gave me a lecture because she had to spend the crews money on the abortion and therefore they wouldn't get a picnic for Labor day because of me. She didn't even walk me to the Dr's door. She left me in the parking lot with a wad of cash and said not to worry she'd be back before they started and she would be with me the whole time. I told her I couldn't do it alone and that I wanted my mom. She didn't show up for 3 hours. The procedure didn't take very long and the Dr. was waiting when I got there so we rushed ahead. The whole time I was crying and pleading to wait just a few more minutes for my boss to get back. I told them that she promised. The Dr. couldn't wait and I went through it alone. I was left for over an hour in a private room waiting for my manager to pick me up. This was an extra hour than the alotted time for recovery. She was so non-chalant about everything after that that I only stuck around for a week before I called my mom and begged her for a ticket home. I spent 2 days after the procedure without food because she made me feel so bad about the money thing that I was afraid to ask for a draw since I couldn't work.

When the guys I shared a room with finally asked her for some money on my behalf she said that I had to come to her and even then she wouldn't arrange for me to get nutritious food. She told me to either walk the half a mile to the closest grocery store or I could get food from the gas station across the street. I just got so fed up and sick of the ill treatment but the last straw was when the guys I was sharing a room with decided to leave the crew. They had found girlfriends locally and the girls picked up their stuff in the middle of the night. The next day our crew was supposed to get on the road and meet back up with the big crew of 50 in another state. While everyone was loading there things in the cars I stood there in the middle of the parking lot and decided it was time for me to get out. The people that I liked were leaving and even they weren't "good people" They were all on coke, crack, or opium on a daily basis. So at that point I called my mom and went home.

I think that I was lucky to get out when I did. I am happy to hear about these websites and different support groups that are helping the stranded and hurt. I hope that my story can help or even change someone in a positive way. It took me 7 years to get over the emotional scars that the abortion left but I am a better person because of the experience.




Well my story isnt as long and as interesting as the others on this page (thank god) but anywayz, shortly after my 21st b-day i found myself living with a friend in tulsa oklahoma, un-able to find a job at all i was deprate.

One day i think a monday a mag crew member came by and started spillin me, bein broke i couldnt get a mag, but i got a job, i packed all my things up and left with in 20 min, just called my mother up and said hey im gonna travel the country selling mags and makin money.

i Got to the hotel and it seemed to be alright, everyone was cool, i went into there little makeshift office were i met all the crew leaders (managers) they gave me 20 bucks and had me sign the contract saying id get 2 weeks payed training, transportation would be furnished home if need be.

My first day out i went to one door and watched him spill... im a kid in a contest.. haha.. my ass... anywayz, there was a mall nearby and the guy i went training with was there for a while. so he said forget it, we went to the mall and attempted to get sales there, off the bat i said id go on my own, in a matter of 3 hours i had "crushed" 5 people, 2 people got 3 more then one mag. i got in and i didnt have to go to the meeting, my boss was extatic. The next day after our little pep rally he pulled me off to the side and told me he wanted me to "stem" so they took me to a college and had me workin the dormitorys and coffee houses. i didnt do so good at all that day and caught alot of shit from the boss when i got back.

The next day he sent me back door to door. i got maybe 5 on the day, not bad for a 3rd day i guess right. well anywayz, i got wasted that night, all everyone did there was have sex drink, and smoke pot. maybe more i dont know i tried to stay away, i did drink though, i had just recently turned 21, of course im gonna drink. Well that night i was hanging around some women on crew. and there is this 2 week deal where i cant have any relationship with any of the crew members. which TOTALY pissed me off.. i mean i was thinking ok, who are they to say who i can hang around with and who im allowed to like, but i delt with it.

Well days went by, same shit every day. party, get drunk, eat. only at night though, the money would get me enough to get a pack of smokes, dinner, and breakfast in the morning, thats all. then id have to wait till the evening to get another wopping 20 big ones. well anywayz. I was dropped off on territory, some crummy apartments, i didnt get a sale at all on pick up, well my car handeler just started calling me names " u fuckin loser, u good for nothing panzy.. blah blah blah., i got out of the van and basicly said what was on my mind, tossed him my pack case and started walking, not knowing what i was gonna do. (i had no place to go by this time stuck in OK city) well as i was walking i saw this pretty girl drive into the complex and i saw her park, i knew where the hotel was, so i figured what the hell, ill see if she will give me a ride. she did (it was great, went to the mall for a few hours knowing that there was no one at the hotel yet) we hung out. it was like a date. just talked i got her number and addy. was nice, but she dropped me off at the hotel i packed my things.

The boss asked me to stay i said i want to, but u guys arnt going to walk all over me, im a person, not a slave. he just smirked and walked away, he said he was gonna take me to the bus station, he dropped me off at the grey hound station and just bolted. no money no nothing. i had to call my mom and have her western union me 250 bucks for a 1 way ticket spur of the moment no advanced purchase. well i had packed all i owned cuz i was living on my own pretty much, and when i got home, i came to realize some one stole my bags. well its been 2 days now., im wearing the same cloths and everything i had when i quit becuz i have nothing else, no cloths, no underwear, no socks, my whole life was in those bags. so now im back here in chicago workin at my old, wish i never left this place to begin with. started workign the day i got back home, i didnt realize how much i was missed. one of the reasons i left in the first place was i didnt think i had any friends.



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