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i have many, many stories. most dramatic: i was beat up and burned by my car handler because of reasons i don't know about, he did it in public in front of phone company, in front of 25 mag crew agents, they all jumped on him of course, but that was the most semi of my problems; he didn't even get fired! Instead the boss sent this carhandler to visit him on a week's vacation. After i got beat up, i still had to work the same day.


After i finally got twenty sales it was about five o'clock so and i knew casey wouldnt show untill eight. so i went and called a cab.and i went to the er. after all of the testing and everything i was diagnosed with vertigo a viral disease caused by stress and m.nutrition. i called brooke our office lady and told her where i was and that i needed to be picked up because i was too weak to do anything. she immediatly asked what i had on the day, i told her twenty. she was quiet for a long time and then she told me that i was lucky i had twenty because i was in a lot of trouble. they came and got me and took me to the office. now remember that im really sick and i cant even barely stand. john comes in and slams the door and just starts ripping me a new asshole for miaing on casey. he doesnt ask if im alright or anything he asks for my ducket and tells me to pack my shit! i start to argue saying that i have no where to go. and he tells me i should have planned my day better. after that he sends me to the bus station with only enough money for a ticket. im on the bus for three days with no food or any money.

im back home now, im a little better because im eating right and sleeping regularly. i have no home, im staying with my grandparents, but i cant stay long. i still havent seen any of my money and probably never will. now i have to start all over. and even though i have no job and no home, im still happy because im not on the crew anymore.i hope that some one reads this and does something about these people, there horrible and deserve to be punished for using and abusing kids the way that they are. and all for their own benefit!

Something has to be done!!!!




Basically, magazine crews are scams. They say you can make a lot of money, however they neglect to mention the money that you LOSE when people cancel after finding out you lied to them. Never mind the fact that you were TRAINED to lie.

I worked from 9:30 in the morning to at least 9 o'clock at night, six days a week. I saw much of the country--and many people's lives ruined.

You get sucked into the life--and 6 months down the road you never speak to anyone back home, and the only people in your life are the people that you work with--the people that leave after being there a month.



Another E

I just got home today and decided to write and let everyone know my story. I sold for 2 weeks and all the crew was about was sex drugs and alcohol. I was beat with a metal bar after one of the managers got me drunk and I would not sleep with them. I got privalages taken away for not drinking or having sex with crew members. The money sucked. I was told they would return me home and they didnt. I got a hold of my family to send me home. I was told they would take me to the bus station and I missed 3 buses because they refused to take me. Finally my family got a hold of Las Vegas PD to take me to the station to get out of there. Please this business is not all that it is put out to be. Always remember if something sounds to good to be true then it is.


I've worked for 2 different clearing houses and 3 different sales crews.

Where should i start? you wanna know about lies? it all started with the initial phone call. I had no idea what i was getting myself into, all i knew was i was taking a job in washington for a sales company. the girl that hired me never told me anything but i would make anywhere between 4-6 hundred a week. and if i didn't like it after 2 weeks, they would pay for my ticket back to LA. i was told i would be staying in a hotel room, and it was a sales team.

When i arrived,i was thrown into a room with 3 people i never met before, made to sleep on the floor, and kicked in the chest the next morning at 6:00am in order to wake up. i jumped up, got in the kids face, and told him if he woke me up like that again, it would be the last time he woke me up. not 15 minutes later, i was called into the "office"(room down the hall), and screamed at by my so-called boss. So the first morning didnt get off to a very good start. Then i was brought into a large room around 8am, and i walked into a room full of kids singing "crew songs", spealing contest, and a whole bunch of other crazy things. so i'm thinking to myself "what did i get myself into?" but i figured i'd give it the two weeks and take off after that. Yeah right.

It's almost imposible to leave this place, if you try to leave they talk you into staying, if they fire you, they'll take you back just b/c your a sharp kid. and when you don't have any money, what the @#$% are you gonna do.

Now lets talk about money. they have this thing known to mag kids as your "books". what the hell is this. it's some imaginary way for them to keep your money. if you go out and have 10 sales for $300 in production, you made $150 that day. i understand they take out $10 for the hotel, and you have to have some money there for cancellations, but where is the rest. what happens to all the money.

They pull off these "fines". I remember i was 2 minutes late for a morning meeting one day, and my boss told me he was fining me $100. can you believe that, for some unknown reason they have the ability to just take your money at will. i remember another time i had like $900 on my "books" on a monday, and i asked if it would be ok to take some of it and start a bank account. they said yes, but i would have to leave at least $200 there for cancellations, i said ok, well tuesday came, and no money, wednesday, thrusday, and still no $700 to start a bank account. Friday finally came, and i was told that cancellations came in and i got like $400 in cancellations. so i couldn't start my account. did i ever get to see the cancellations? NO. Did i ever get to see my books? NO.

Now here's the one that really got me with success express. The owner was not around much. A guy ran his crew. this guy had no idea what it was like to sell magazines, he was just a good friend of the owner that had a college degree in marketing or something. so his friend was the guy we dealt with on a regular. This guy was not a small man by any means, and he used that to every advantage. He would get to people with intimidation. i remember once he busted into my room threating to beat me up b/c i was late for morning meeting after i was out all night drinking with him. can you imagine that.

So anyway, this is the reason i left success express. We were in Vegas, and we were planning to send some agents to Hawaii to sell. i was picked and we were told we had to pay for our tickets, i was ok with that, even though round trip was something like $1200. so the owner payed for it, and he was charging us daily for it. I was totally ok with that b/c hawaii is a good place to sell, and you could make a lot of money. i think i payed the money off in like 7 days, the whole thing. then a week later, i was told i had to come back to vegas for some bullshit reason, and i had to pay the money to change the ticket. he wanted me back, yet i had to pay for it. that dosen't make sense. so after i got back to vegas, i just quit and went back home.

Now 2 months go by and i was trying to get into the navy, and i couldn't b/c i was issued 2 warrents for my arrest in michigan for soliciting. tickets that i was told were being taken care of. yeah right. i spent 17 hours in jail in dearborn michigan for soliciting, then the day after i got out, we took off to virginia beach. how in the hell was i gonna make it back for my court date. Well the marketing guy said this wasn't the first time he had to deal with something like this, and he would take care of it. never happened. well anyway, i was home and started talking to the owner and we worked out a plan where i would come back to work for a different manager but still for the same company, this was ok with me b/c i liked the manager i was gonna work for.

This worked for about 6 months, and i just got sick of not having any money, and all the traveling. 15 months now, and i still have nothing to show for it. i said that's it, it's the end, i'm done. and i left 2 days before my 22 birthday. i'm done with magazines now?

No, i went back home for 9 months, and just got sick of it, so i called one of the managers back, he ran the second crew i worked for, and i came back out and worked for him for another 4 months, and this time i was set on catching them stealing money from me, if not catching them, then at least not allowing it to happen. yeah right, never in my 10 months of working for this manager did i get to see a printout of how much i made, how much i spent, or anything like that. he was better than the marketing guy though, at least he would let you see what was on your books, but you never really got the whole picture. just a number that you really couldn't question.

so then i quit working for that manager again, and i found another crew based out of texas. and i thought it would be different. and it was at first. you got all your money, as long as you brought in the cash. but after 2 months of this, i realized it's all the same manuplitive people, just different names. how bout this one. when we stayed in Pilot point Tx, the owner of the clearing house owned the hotel we stayed in, and we still got charged the $14 a night. even though everything was free to him, and it didn't cost him a penny for us to stay there, we were still charged.

I guess it finally burnt me out. working 12 hour days will do that to you. you could have your business on the day, and they'll still drop you off until 8-8;30 and be late picking you up, and you'll be working an hour from the hotel, so you don't get back until 9-9:30, by the time your done checking in and everything else, what could you do, nothing. The people who run these businesses are manulipitive, money hungry,and spiteful. no matter what they say, they don't care about you, your problems, or anything else about you. all they care about is they're pocket getting fatter, no matter what the cost. i know i've been in the business for 3 years, i know how everything goes, i know what goes on behind closed doors. and i think the reason i bang heads with the managers so much is b/c i do know so much. and they don't like the idea of someone knowing as much as they do, it scares them. well i've got so much more to say, but it could go on forever, some good, but mostly bad.



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