Older Agent Stories


I started working for a magazine company on Feb 6, 2002 just 3 day after my 20th birthday. I had just moved to San Louis Obispo to start school, but I didn't start until April. At the time I was working at this company completely bored out of my mind. So when I saw the add in the paper for "TRAVEL, RESORTS, & $$$" how could I resist it. I called and talked the recruiter Jason and he said come down and we can do an interview, so I went down there and sat and talked to Jason for awhile, everything he said excited me, from what we would be doing, to where we would be going it helped that he was extremely attractive to. He told me to call back @ 4 to see if I was hired or not, he had about 50 applicants that he said he had seen that day. As soon as I got home I called my mom and told her all about it, she did not want me to go, little did she know I had quit my job that day, she said to look into it before I went and to call her after I found out she was very iffy about it. I said I would look into it and talk to her later. I called Jason @ 4, and he asked me if I was hired could I leave tonight? I told him yes, and he said good, because we go to San Francisco for two weeks of training in a hour. All I could think of was oh my god I got the job, I honestly didn't really think I would get it. So I called my mom and told her and she was not happy, she didn't like that I was just leaving like this and she didn't like that it was such short notice. I told her everything would be fine and I would call her when I got there and basically hung up the phone. I had to pack. I was under the impression that I was only going to be gone for two weeks. So I didn't really pack all that much just the things I thought I would need. I figured I'd be back after the training and I could get more if I decided it was for me. After I was packed I told my roommate Ryan that where I was going and what I was doing he was excited and thought the job would be cool. I left saying I'd see him in two weeks. Next I went to my other roommate's work My Best Friend Kristin and told her where I was going, she was shocked but supportive of it I told her I had to go meet Jason @ this motel in like 10 minutes so I had to go. I gave her a hug and drove over to the motel. Jason was already ready to go, right before we left Kristin showed up in tears begging me not to leave, she said she had a bad feeling about this and that I shouldn't go. I told her everything would be fine. At this point nothing that any one would have said would have made me stay.

It took us 6 hours but we finally arrived @ Holiday Inn, when I got there it was great there were kids everywhere and all I could think of was how fun this was going to be. I got introduced to my roommate, and everyone else and down to the bar we went. We all came back up after the bar and were pretty drunk all of us. Jason asked me back to his room to watch a movie, I figured he was pretty nice so why not. I went and all he tried to do was get on me while his friend watched. Well I wasn't going for it and he figured it out, so he let me be, I fell asleep in there room that night, and that's forbidden for the first two weeks considering no one can touch you during that time period. I got up the next morning got dressed and went down w/ everyone else, it was like this huge pep rally @ 8 in the morning we had this spiel that we had to do it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. But it did get you pumped up in the morning. Everyone got there quota's and we were off for the day. The first day I was in training and the first door I went to was w/ one of the girls, it looked pretty simple @ first considering we sold one at the first door but after a couple more house's I didn't know if I liked it. Imp one of those people who hate sales people and all I could think of was how much we were bothering people. Plus these girls were so mean to people that said no, and I knew I couldn't be that way, after all it was there door we were knocking on. But I figured I cant give up this easily just stick out your two week and go from there. My second day I sold my first sale it was such a cool feeling. And after that I just kept getting better 2 then 4 then 6 then 9 then 14 then 16 and so on. I was doing better then have of the other agents there and I was new. My boss was so proud of me. Yet I wasn't having any fun doing it. I was scared at half the neighborhoods I was in. ( people would drive me out of there neighborhoods and tell me this is not a safe place for you, and then wait for my car-handler to get back which wouldn't be for hours sometimes) About a week into this I knew I could do more w/ my life and I knew I wanted to go home I started to tell people about what I was thinking and before I knew it two of the car handler were at my door talking me into staying. One in particular told me that he liked me from the beginning and that the only reason he hadn't pursued anything was because of the two week thing. They took me to dinner that night and got me completely drunk, they gave me pills which they said would make me feel better, since I was getting sick. Know that I look back on it I don't think they were vitamins because to this day I can only remember bits and pieces of what happen next. I hadn't talked to my parents in I don't even know how long, I had my cell phone and I had like 9 new messages every day, but after working 12 hours and coming home and being made to basically go out and party w/ everyone all night (we weren't aloud to stay in our rooms by ourselves we get in trouble) I was to weak and exhausted to call any one back. My parents were so worried. Danielle, The car handler that liked me had gone to my boss and told him I was thinking of leaving, my boss told him to take me under his wing and do whatever it takes to make her stay. He didn't want to lose me w/ how much money I was making for him. I always got all cash on my sales to hardly any checks and that was a good thing. So Danielle started taking me out to dinner, buying me stuff, flowers, not making me go on the last drop and going out for a drink. ( I found out later that was a normal thing, keeping the new girls in the car, for the mere pleasure of the car handlers). Me and Danielle started hanging out more and more. I thought he was cute and all but he was 32 I was 20 so he was just sort of someone to talk to and depend on so I thought. I mean I connected w/ other people like the two other new girls Keegan and Stephanie, who both left and I still talk to. Danielle called my mom and kind of eased her mind, but he's a professional sales person he tells you what you want to hear. He promised my mom that I would call her all the time, that she would get sick of me calling I would call her so much. He told her all kinds of lies that I found out later. I did call my mom all the time after that, but whenever I did use the phone one of them was right there listening to me. Whenever I did anything some one was right there watching my every move.

On Feb 12, 2002 Danielle called me into his room, and I went ya know cause he was my boss he said he wanted to talk to me. Him and parks were in there and they told me to go get dressed we were going out. I told them I was tired and wanted to sleep, they said come on your going the big boss is in town. So I went. And got incredibly drunk that night. I remember taking something but I don't know what it was, they gave it to me. I wasn't thinking. That night I could barely walk to my room so they took me to there's. Danielle picked me up and put me on his bed, turned off the lights and turned on the TV. He started kissing me and I let him for awhile and then he started to take it to far, I pushed him away and told him to stop and he did for awhile and then tried again. I did the same thing. So he stopped and then tried again. By this time I'm half asleep and can hardly move. He tried again this time w/ more force he was on top of me and I was telling him no but he wasn't listening, I remember feeling him inside and trying to push him of but I couldn't he was to strong for me. I kept telling him no but he didn't listen. I didn't have the energy to keep fighting I was exhausted and out of it from everything. I gave up, and I hate myself for that, not being able to be strong enough to stop him mentally and physically. So there it was I had just been raped by someone I trusted while the guy that hired me was asleep in the next bed. I had just lost my virginity to a 32 year old man by no choice of my own.

The next day every one acted normal like nothing had happened. I didn't make one sale that day, I couldn't think, eat, or sleep. I wanted out but didn't know how to get out. Danielle noticed a change in me, and since I was in his car every day kept me in after everyone else took my hand and asked me if I regretted the night before. I lost it then, I was crying and yelling and telling him how can I regret something that I didn't have any say in doing. That's not fair. He told me he was sorry and he loved me. I believed him. He started to take me out all the time. Buy magazines from me if I was having a bad day to make my quota. He would take me shopping w/ him and just be nice to me. I felt it was all I had and I had no idea what I should be thinking I mean this was the first guy I had ever slept w/ I had an emotional attachment to this man whether I wanted it or not. He made me promise I wouldn't leave and would talk about how we would grow old together.

The next day we went out like normal, I was in a good mood and I was making my sales again. I had gotten about 16 sales on the day and was waiting like normal to get picked up we had recruited a new girl from her house in San Fran. the day before and she was in the car. I was the last one to get picked up so I sat next to her and talked to her about if she liked it while Danielle yelled at everyone who was in whaleshit ( the back seat). She said she liked it and we talked as we drove home. That night I was watching a movie in Danielle's room w/ him and Lizzy. When my boss came to the door and said Natalie threes a cop outside and has asking for you. I was like shit I had gotten in trouble w/ the cops earlier that day and had lied to him so I was like shit. My boss said to get rid of him so I walked over to the cop and asked him what's wrong. He said are you Natalie? I was like yeah. He said you have a missing person report out on you. I was like no I don't my parents know where I am, and are in Borrego this weekend I just talked to my mom the other day. He was like no, your parents are right around the corner. I was like no there not. He told me to sit and wait so I did. As it turns out the new girl had called a missing persons report out on herself because she was scared and thought she couldn't leave and he had somehow mistaken her name w/ mine because my mom was there and she was hiding in the bushes "trying" to spy on us (gotta love her) so when the cop drove up, she thought he was there for her, and told him she was looking for me. So when he came over he just got me and the new girl confused. My mom and uncle and come that night to take me out to dinner. My boss said I could go and me drove around the airport a few times and finally went to dennys. @ dennys my mom said that I was going home w/ her the next day and that she didn't want me there anymore, I was too tired to fight it so I just said whatever. She also told me that as soon as the cop came over to where we were the guy that had hired me and the "big" boss had run and hopped the fence and went to hotel next door kinda weird don't you think.

So I stayed in my moms room that night, went down and got my stuff and told my roommate keegan that I was leaving. She was sad and I told her that if she wanted to come w/ us we were leaving in the morning and she could come. She was hired the day after I was, and lived in the next town over. She said no, so I gave her a hug told everyone good bye. All the bosses and car-handlers were gone so I went into Danielle's room and left him note saying I was leaving and sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. Then I left. We got a call at about 5:30a.m. It was keegan she wanted to leave so my uncle went down and got and she came up and slept in my moms room. We waited until after morning meeting and everyone was gone before we went back down and got the rest of my stuff. My boss owed me money from what was called my "expense account" that I no access to. I knew he was in his office, but he did not answer the door, so I called and they answered but said he wasn't there and that he would call me back. He never did. I never saw that money. I worked like a slave for those people and they treat you like shit, when you leave.

Well now I am home again, and have found out that they all have police records, they are all liars, they stole money out of my bank account that I cant get back, they talked nothing but shit about me when I left, and they or one in general took something from me that I can never get back, they drugged you, told you what to do, controlled you and took away your freedom. Its a colt basically. Yet I don't hate these people and I wonder Why??? I even miss Danielle sometimes and wonder what it would be like if I was still there. Why??

I had a bad experience selling magazines and I know I would never do it again. After Keegan and I left about 5-6 weeks later about 5 more people left. Everyone they had hired in CA. is no longer working for them. All this happen to me in a matter of three week. I can only imagine what would have gone on if I would have left the state w/ these people. If I ever would have returned. We finally had to change my cell # and my home # because Danielle was calling me all the time and asking me to come back and telling me that he love me. It took me awhile and I'm still working on realizing that all he did was lie to me, he never truly cared, He's a pro. and all he was doing was doing whatever it took to make me stay. I still haven't thanked my mom and my uncle for what they did. I don't know how to. There is nothing that I can say or do to express the thanks I feel for getting me out of there. I just hope she knows that I am eternally grateful for what she did. SHE SAVED MY LIFE!!! I hope this helps at least one person not to join a magazine crew, cause even if just one person reads this and doesn't join then I know it was worth writing.




Wow i have so many stories i dont know where to start,first of all im from Ventura,CA and i've been left in every state but that one. Now im just tired and i want to go home, recently the owner of the company I worked with passed away and the company is basically crashing. I couldnt tell you how much money they owe that i'll never see and how many years of my life I wasted that I cant get back.I finally got left two weeks ago for the last time in parkersburg West virginia where a gentlemen named bob let me work in his detail shop for a couple of days so I wouldnt starve on my long journey back to california.

The owner of the company I sold magazines for was a evil old man that cared nothing about anything except for money.He had a thing with golf clubs and peoples heads if you know what I mean.I remember one day we were staying in Oak Grove,M.O. and I had a white girlfriend,I'm black by the way,and he called my room threatening that he was going to kill me calling me out of my name several times (nigger) and then he started actually coming to my room beating on my door with golf clubs again threats were still being blurred out of his mouth.Finally the next week he woke Jenna up at 4 O'clock in the morning and told her she was fired for being a nigger lover and told that she was being taken to the bus station, But she was driven thirty miles down the road and let off at a truck stop.

In the meantime I had no idea of what was going on till I got a very disturbing phone call at 5:30 in the morning telling me what they had done to her and taken her. So right away I jumped out of bed to go down to the truck stop to remedy the situation,we ended up getting a hotel room and calling her parents to come and pick her up, and her parents drove all the from roanoak,V.A. through that day and the next night to come and get there baby girl.So finally they arrived,and she was safely secured I went back to the hotel in coralville,I.A. where I was fired and stranded again for about a month.











Hi, my name is Anissa and I was on a mag crew in 1996.

I just graduated high school, and hated being at home, when I saw an ad in the paper that said "Have fun in the sun, and travel! Return promised!" Little did I know what I was getting into. I packed my clothes and guitar and was on my way to a promise of money and fame.. We worked in Colorado going door to door with a skit like this:

Hey, have you heard about this years seniors contest? No? Well here is what it is, we are going around the block just meeting people, and if I get 2000 point guess what? I win a trip to Cabo.. Ask me how I get my points.? Well all you have to do is pick on off my list, its just magz, or renew on that you already have and I get double the points..."

Anyway you get my point.. Well if we could get cash from these people the better. We would ride around in vans all day, and if you pissed your van driver off you could bet you would be walking... sometimes I would get left in a area for over 8 hours until dark, and then find my way home..

the drugs, the sex, it was out of control, I drank, and did drugs even when going door to door. If we made less than 10 sales our draw for the night was less than 10.00. Im from Fort Collins Colorado, and when I was in Las Vegas they left me at 10pm and I called my dad collect and he had me on a plane home later that night. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.. I was raped by my boss... The sent me home with no money and didnt care what happened to me.. If it wasnt for my dad I wouldnt know what I would have done.. I had some good times, but mostly bad. Going door to door is scary, girls would trade sex for sales...

When we would travel state to state we were high and drinking while driving and 90% of us didnt have an okay to drive from the state. So if your child is out there, get them home, and get them home now!!! Is bad, and they will tell you anything to get you hooked... Please go home.... This is full of danger and you could be killed.. Go home now, dont run walk... Thanks.



The Contest A true story by RTK

I started out in the Niagara Falls and New England areas. They interviewed me at the Holiday Inn in my town and I had to have my bags packed and ready to leave in around two days. I traveled to all but 14 states. They promised me transportation home if it didn't work out. Things were ok at first, but it grew worse. We sold magazines in a "contest" to win a trip to Paris, London and Rome and I think $1,000. I can still recite the sales "spiel" they called "sales talk". I got to see the Ocean for the first time in Newport, Rhode Island. It was incredible.

They would drop us off in a town or city, where we knew no one, sometimes in the middle of nowhere. We would be left there for approx. 45 minutes. We rarely would apply for the required licenses or permits, etc. in any town, and were told to be careful and not be too noticeable. Sometimes we would get caught and have to go to the town/city clerk and apply. They didn't like that.

We were given $7 a day to eat two meals. They didn't let us eat lunch. On weekends, it was a percentage, I can't remember how much but it was about $15 to $20. We were basically on our own during weekends, and it was a mad drug, alcohol and sex fest. There were girls getting hooked up with Cocaine dealers in the area, and sex parties in the other kids rooms.

If you needed new clothes or shoes or personal items, you needed to ask for money. You were told it would "come off your books". We had a girl who traveled with us who took care of all office work. She always stayed behind doing paperwork, while we went out selling.

They told us we could see our "books" at any time to see how much money we had, but when you'd ask, it was like a big secret and they acted as though you were a bad person for asking. They'd then explain that hotel rooms and the cash they gave you for meals took all the money you had. They would send someone with you to shop, I assume so we wouldn't take off.

Around the first of the month, or the middle of the month they would allow some of the girls to go to Army bases (considered "killer territory"). They would sneak us onto the base and drop us off at the dorms. They'd leave us to there for a couple of hours, since it was considered a high selling territory. They'd tell us that the guys in the Army got paid and had money to burn, and a young pretty girl could make around 11 sales (considered a high sell day). High sellers in the crew were regarded "special" and treated like gold. They would get to sit up front, and the "Manager/Driver" would be extra nice to them, saying great things about them and to them, smile at them, sometimes allow them to stay with them while the rest of us went back out. We'd make like 11 sales that day, when an average day would be like 5 to 7 sales.

When someone had a bad sales day, the manager would encourage us to ignore them, sometimes he would say awful things to them, call them weak, make fun of them, give them "bad territory", make them sit in the very back. Other times they would encourage the bad seller to be motivated, but not often.

If someone decided the "job" wasn't for him or her, and decided to leave, they would not allow us to talk to them or even look at them. We were told to ignore their "negativity". They called them "scabs" or something like that.

Once I was in Bedford, Mass. knocking on a door in a residential neighborhood. No one appeared to be at home, so I was leaving the property and a man was sitting in his parked car in front of the house. He yelled out to me "Hey, what are you doing"? I assumed he was the homeowner, or neighbor, so I walked over to the car. I started giving him my sales talk, and handed him the list of magazines. He told me to go ahead and open the door and sit down in his car. (It was summertime and warm and sunny that day). I opened the door and sat about ¾ on the seat, with one leg out, keeping the door open slightly. I kept talking, asking him his name, address, phone number (they taught us to begin filling out the paperwork as soon as you could) and what kinds of interests he had. I had gotten some information on the ticket, his name and phone number.

He was still looking over the magazine list, and without any warning, he grabbed my head and right shoulder and pulled me down onto the seat, telling me to "get your leg in the car and close the door". I was so scared, It seemed like only a second went by, I was struggling to think, and he started punching me and hitting me in my head and shoulder, still holding me down. He was swearing and demanding and getting even more angry "put your f**king leg in the car and shut the f**king door!!! Do it now!!!!)" My head was numb, I couldn't feel the punches anymore, so I screamed "Help, Help!!!" and kept the door open. He must've realized I wasn't going to make it easy, so he shoved me out of the car, threw all my papers out, and took off. I just started to run, but grabbed my stuff while he was screeching away.

I ran into some back yard right into a fence. I stood there for a couple minutes, scared out of my mind. A few seconds or minutes went by, and because of the fence I was cornered. I thought I should get away, so I peeked around the house to the spot where he had been. I didn't see him; I listened but couldn't hear any cars. I looked at what or who was around, and saw neighbors, a couple probably in their 50's straining to look for me from a second story open porch, and a mail man in front of their house. I started toward the street. I looked both ways and saw a car at the end of the street driving slowly past the intersection...it was the guy! He had passed the intersection already, but stopped, so I looked at the neighbors and they were waving me to them. I decided I had time and my best move would be to run to their house, because maybe the guy had a gun and was coming to kill me so I wouldn't say anything! I ran like crazy to their house, and the woman had made it downstairs and was holding the door open. I flew into her house and she locked the door and brought me upstairs. I asked for a glass of water. She told me she would call the police. I told her, no, my manager was coming to pick me up; I'd just stay at her house until I saw him and he'd take me to the police station.

I think about fifteen minutes went by, and I saw his truck. I looked around and didn't see the guy around, so I ran to the truck and got in. I started to tell him, but he could already tell something was up. He motioned for me to hold on. We went around and dropped everyone off, and I told him what happened. He brought me to the police station. I told them what happened, and they called the telephone number I had gotten. They took pictures of the bruises that had formed on my face and neck by then. They said it looked like he had been wearing some kind of ring or something. Some time went by and an officer told me they picked up a guy, and could I identify him if I saw him? I said I was sure I could. They brought me to a hallway, and pointed to a door with a window. They told me it was one of those mirrors where I could see him, but he couldn't see me. I looked in and he was sitting behind a table in a chair. He had gone home and shaved and changed his clothes! I asked the officer if he could have the guy sit facing the right (my right) as if he were sitting in his car. They went into the room and had the guy change his position, and I was amazed, I looked in and could tell immediately it was the guy. Once I identified him, they began telling me that the guy had given his correct phone number! His wife had answered the door and apparently he had done something like this before, so she turned him right in and cooperated with the police on whether or not he had been home, etc.

I finished paperwork, and explained that I would be leaving the area within a week. They told me no problem, I had identified him and that's all I needed to do. A couple months later, when I had gone home, I got a letter from the court saying something like, because I didn't go, they dropped the charges! The letter had been sent to the company.

That was not the only incident. I was selling with another girl one day. A guy in his early twenties was the only one at home. The other girl went to use the bathroom, and this guy just jumped on me and started trying to take my clothes off. I yelled at him, the other girl came out and I said, "Let's go" and we left. I told her what happened, and she said that happens to her a lot.

Once we were in Atlanta, and I was selling with a girl. She confided in me that she had somehow gotten a venereal disease, she thinks. We went to a clinic. She found out she did. She was seeing a guy in our crew. She told him about it and he broke up with her. He was the one that had given it to her, because the guy was sleeping with girls wherever we went.

We were in Boston, or Maryland or somewhere, and I had a really good sales day of around 9 or 10, so the owner told me he was taking me out to dinner. It was a usual occurrence for your first high sales day. We went to a nice restaurant up top of a building, the entire floor rotated on top of the building. We got an expensive bottle of wine, best wine I ever tasted! I had Escargot for the first time, and Steak Diane. (He ordered for us). It was the best dinner I think I ever had. He bragged about how much it cost, it was over $100. He paid and we returned to the motel. He brought me into his room and started telling me of how well I did, and of how much potential I had. He got us a couple of beers and we were sitting around talking. He got out some cocaine and started to cut it up. He handed a straw out to me, but I turned it down. Then he began to kind of try to get closer and closer to me, and tried to put his arm around me. I got pissed off and left.

The next day was like nothing happened. I noticed the girls all looked at me funny and really wouldn't talk to me. They all acted overly friendly toward him, though. It was almost like they were saying I shouldn't have turned down the situation, they didn't.

The last straw for me was another Army base day. They dropped us off, three or four of us girls. The manager pointed to a gate and told us he would be there at around 3:30 or 4:00. We went our separate ways and I sold and sold, around 11 or twelve sales. It got to be the time for pick up, so I headed for the gate. I was around ten minutes late. I found it no problem. It was locked up. I waited and waited, and he didn't come. I figured he'd been there and saw it was locked, and would be at the main gate to the base, so I headed there. He wasn't there. I left the base, but went to the side of the road outside the original gate. I waited for about an hour I think. I went to a restaurant and called him. I don't think I got a word in. I was called every name in the book, told I was stupid and that he was not going to come pick me up.

We were staying at a motel in Alabama, and the base was across the state line about 20 minutes away in Kentucky. I just started walking and crying. I got to a truck stop and used some of the money I made that day to eat. A truck driver found me outside crying later, and brought me to his house. He let me crash at his house. I got up the next day, relieved that he didn't try to make any moves on me. He drove me the twenty minutes to the motel. They had already left. I got my room key from the maid and just grabbed my clothes and left. The truck driver brought me to a different truck stop. He found me a ride with another truck driver. I got rides through Alabama, and just kept getting rides with truck drivers

At one truck stop, I went with a driver and his girlfriend, a red headed girl. I was so tired, they told me to crawl into the bed and sleep. I woke up to find them both having sex with me! I was scared, mad, confused. I didn't do anything for a while, not sure what could or would happen. Finally I had enough, got my wits about me and told them to stop. They were pissed. I got dressed and they threw me right out of the truck and threw some of my stuff at me and took off leaving me on the side of the highway. I started hitchhiking and another truck stopped after a while. He was going to Maine, and said he could bring me to the Syracuse Exit in NY. That was heaven. I got in. We talked small talk, I'd sleep sitting in the front seat. I woke up and we were there. Syracuse. Just about 30 miles from Home. I told him Thank you, thank you, thank you! He asked me if I felt like having sex with him. I told him I had been through a really tough time. I told him that I appreciated it, but would rather not. He said ok, I got out and he left.

I called a taxi and got a ride all the way home, to Auburn.



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