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When I tried to leave, my manager got mad cause he thought I was leaving because of my boyfriend. (He had left 2 weeks before) But he didn't give me or my best friend any of the money off our books. We had over $500 in there. But, he dropped us off hours before our bus got to the stop and we had no $. We had to call the owner and beg for $. He wired it to us but not until we got to Colorado, from Illinois. We couldn't even eat the whole trip.


I was moved very fast in the company from sales to personel director, in hind sight i think they were just trying to make sure i stood. i became pregnant 7 months after i got there and they were in alabama. i wanted to go home, but they would not pay for a bus ticket home for me, so i left with the father of my child. we were at a hotel close by, the whole crew came to our hotel and tried to kick down the door. we had to call the police to make them leave us alone. The police paid for our tickets home, i am forever grateful to the police in decater alabama. At one point going from California to Arizona the guy driving one of the vans that had our trailer attached, with all our belongings inside, fell asleep at the wheel and the van caught fire no one was killed but we lost everything. I'm glad i got pregnant, because it made me think strait.


Well, When I got hired I was pretty bad. I was messed up on drugs. This guy came up & tried to sell me magazines, I didn't have any idea what he was talking about when he tried offering me a job. All I understood was we traveled to New York & it was only 10 weeks. I'd get taking to concerts, clothes were going to be bought for me & I'd get $ for college.

Well that night we went to NJ instead. Then Boston, then Maryland. I was beat by my orignial trainer. She'd slam my head in the doors, punch me for no reason. Then I hit her back & that was the end of that!

Months went by & everything seemed ok. I hooked up with one of my managers, I had lots of $, everthing was good. Then I dumped my manager for a regular agent, I started not making as much but it was still fun. When I got pregnant I had 2 choices, abortion or go home alone, I didn't want a child at 18 alone so I went against my morals & aborted my baby. Well my boyfriend was so upset he folded anyway. I saw my new trainer leave too because he was on the road for like 5 yrs & was a jr. but lost it & folded because of it. Who wants to take a step backwards? I started doubting why I stayed. But I had faith in making it. Years went by & I was getting no where. Until I got dumped by my boyfriend jr at the time, so they made me a jr too out of pity. I never advanced then. 3 yrs & no more driving out, taking spurs, nothing. So all the times I went to jail, all the tickets I got for driving messed up cars. All the bad credit for depositing bad checks in my bank account was for nothing. They even started telling me that I wouldn't be a manager!! Why should I stay? Because I met my last boyfriend. He was doing drugs & should of been fired because that is a big no-no on our crew, but I talked my managers into letting him stay because they were doing them, how would that be fair? But one day I come in from "t" &am! p; he's gone. Where did he go I asked. They told me he folded, I called him & not true. Here they had another agent fire him & drop him off in the middle of nowhere. I left as soon as I could. My escape? I was pregnant & this time I wasn't going through that again.


About two and a half years ago I joined a magazine crew based on an intriguing classified ad. I was home from college on break and my parents were really getting into me about getting a job. Although I always maintained excellent grades, and was involved in many social activities with my University, I was naïve to the ad that I responded to in our local paper. The ad was looking for 18 to 25 year olds. Being at the beginning of the reality TV craze, I was sure I was off to an audition for the next mindless series.

The guy that interviewed me was very well spoken, and attractive. He told me of his collegiate intentions and the intentions of other people who worked with him. He glamorized this sales position, and although I was hesitant, I joined the crew for a two-week trial period that was to last for 11 hellish months.

As soon as I stepped foot in the hotel, I was beleaguered by the character of people I encountered. They were noisy and for the most part, what I grew up knowing as White Trash.

I met with the owner of company the following day and he informed me of the “two-week rule”. The “two-week rule” was a mandate that all employees must be on crew for 14 days before engaging in sexual activity with any other people on crew. At first I thought he was joking. Did a rule like that need to be imposed? Wasn’t common sense and regard for one’s person more acceptable than a rule?

I found out that there was a reason for this rule. By the time I had been on crew for 10 days, I was drinking heavily and regularly. I had boys knocking on my door or calling my room at all hours of the night. Just inside of the two weeks, I was sleeping with one of the “old heads” on crew and welcoming advances from many others, including the two managers who traveled with us.

The longer I stayed on crew, the more money I made, the more I spent on alcohol, the more promiscuous I became. I developed a very close friendship with a girl on crew, and we made it our life’s mission to drain the countryside of all hard alcohol. I have never been partial to drugs or people who do drugs, so I avoided that at all costs, thinking that I was much better off than they were. Now I see that the only reason that I stayed for so long was because the monotony of knocking on doors and drinking until I passed out became my life, and I did not really care to see a better one.

I was known by the guys on the crew for my escapades with three-somes in work vehicles, fooling around in hotel pools, and on “jump”(the trip that we took to change cities). I was not the sweet little coed that had signed up for this ride.

Everything culminated on my 21st birthday. My good friend quit the crew that night and left me sobbing for her loss. I went down to the hotel bar for my first legal drink, and had 5 shots of tequila as well as 2 Long Island Iced Teas in a matter of ten minutes. My car handler then invited me to wait in his room while he got his wallet to buy liquor from the store. I felt ill immediately. I vomited in his bathroom for what seemed like and eternity before feeling his hands on my waist. He pulled my semi conscious body onto his bed and pulled my Capri pants down and proceeded to rape me.

I told my boss the morning after it happened. He told me not to call the police, that he would handle it. He called the owner, who lectured me on my prior sexual behavior. He told me that I was responsible for this, and that the police would not be involved. I called the police shortly thereafter. By the time the investigation had begun, my attacker had left the state and I was on a bus on my way home.


i joined mag-crew last summer...one day i woke up and decided i wanted a job, looked in the paper and ten minutes later i was sitting in a hotel room with some guy looking at a photo album of mantions and partys, looked ok to me. he told me he made 60+ k a year..he said come to denver an hour away from home in fort collins and train for two weeks, then were off to LA to work in promotions...i got down there and everyone seemed chill..i walked in and they handed me some cash and said thanks for coming..then they switched me crews, there was 30 people on the crew and they said they were changing me to a 'power crew' with 3 other guys cuz i was sharp. money was good, i wrote 20+ a day, of course we bs'd our way through million dollar homes to hit those digits...the boss got us into bars even though we were underage...couldnt tell ya how..then it got funny, he started not waiting till i was out of the office to yell at people, then one day he left my friend at a gas station for 4 hours, he was late so he needed to learn time management..the next day he left the same kid at a gas station with nothing for 10 hours, still learning time management he said, then put him on a red-eye bus to chicago with no money, a five day bus ride from wherever we were...oh yeah, we never made cali, the day after i got there they shipped us to boise...?? shortly before my friend was sent home he found his mom had cancer, the day he was fired our crazy boss hit him in the face with his pad case, then told him he hoped he would drown in his dying mothers blood. i signed on with a 500$$ bonus, which he never gave me...but im fighting him for it...after i got payed on night the next morning i called a cab to take me to the airport, i walked out of my room and he called me over, asked me to help move his stuff...i said ill be back in a minute, walked anround the corner and got in the taxi...f*@k him i say...he also threatened to smash my face in a couple times, i kind of wish he had so i could sue the shit out of the bastard...anyone reading this who's thinking of going...DONT..its stupid, on the flip side, if you like being yelled at and abused, lied to and ripped off and god knows what else, then go...you'll love it.

oh yeah, if anyone is reading this who i sold to, though you wont know...boise, spokanne or portland...i hope you got your stuff...sorry i lied to you..you were all nice people, paticulary west lynn oregon.
my boss if you read this by my story you know you i am, im a mortgage broker now, cash you say? let me tell ya, your dumb ass has no idea. im not fighting you for my money cuz i need it, i just get a kick out of pissing you off...get a life, go home and take care of your family, quit being a dick.


I started when I was 19. I had just gotten out of a relationship that left me upset, so I joined the mag crew to leave town for awhile. It was awful. We got up at 7:00am, left the hotel at 8, then started "knocking" at 10am. we did that until 8pm, every night, but Sunday. We got $15 a day.

I started seeing one of the guys on the crew, and he started beating me. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone but him and there were times when he would hit me in front of everyone. Many times I tried to leave, but they wouldn't let me. Finally, my boyfriend got fired for beating me, and so I left with him. At 20 years old, I ended up in Texas in a battered womens shelter.

I am now almost 30, and I still have a hard time. I ended up doing drugs for a long time to try to "escape" it all. after I stopped doing drugs, I started having flashbacks, and bad nightmares of him beating me.




well i was really ill.. had to work in the rain cold wet cloths for 12 hr days. then got kinda held hostage in seattle by a man who said i was gonna work for him. its really dangerous for young attractive or unattractive females to be out on there own at night drops. they need to be paired with a male sales man or with another female its safer. and i think that its bull how if you didn't sell so many mags in one week you have to work on your day off. witch you only have one day off a week and thats sunday. i don't know its just not the best job seriously i wouldn't suggest you doin it if you really need money .. cus no matter how glamourous they make it sound its really not like that at all....


It all started in late June of 2001. My husband and I were both without jobs and things here at home went bad. We then saw an add in the paper that said "get paid to travel, make lots of money." I called and set up an interview for both of us to go in and talk to him about this different job that seemed so interesting. We both went in at the same time and from the beginning it all sounded too good to be true. Of course it was a good sales agent trying to convince both of us to join.

After we heard how great it would be we both decided to join. We had to leave within the next few days, they didn't give us any time to really say bye to friends and family. We took off and I remember it was a Sunday, the next day we got out the van all the new kids had someone to train them and we went door to door telling people a bunch of lies and selling the hell out of some magazines. It was hard at first, sore feet, hot in the summer, walking all over neighborhoods all day long.

Then you get use to it and you become better at selling, and you learn how to make up more stories and sell more magazines. I was selling about 20 a day. Really, you didn't make that much money, I also became a car handler later and didn't get any extra money for it and since I had to drive everyone around I lost time to sell, and money at the same time but the main reason I did it was because after a while it got to where I hated knocking on doors. If we didn't meet our regular quota we would get yelled at for at least an hour after work hours, sometimes we had meetings that lasted even longer. We got up at 8 in the morning and worked until 6:30 to 7 every night, six days a week, and on our only day off we usually had to hop to another state. I drove a big van with a bunch of guys, including my husband. I was the only girl but that was okay cause all the guys were cool with me. I liked the crew but the owner was such a jerk at times. Sometimes he was awesome (when we had a good day). Other wise it was hell. We would dred the days we went in with out our much business.

The next morning we would go back to work and we only prayed we had a good day. We did have some good times but in all reality you never got a break and honestly the money wasn't that great at all. We got $20 draws every night, but we each had to pay $15 a night for our hotels. We never stayed at crumby hotels but that's $35 a day and then at the end of the month you got all your money that was left. My first month I remember I got $400. The next $600. C'mon now I make that in a week now. Of course add the $35 a day to live on, but the day we got our money most of us spent it within a few days. So there we were running on our daily draws.

It was hard, we worked in any kind of weather. We never missed a day no matter what. You could never have an excuse on why you didn't sell enough magazines, in his eyes no one could ever have a bad day. Even though it was hard and I wanted to come back home I would think about all the bad things I would have to come home to and loosing all the friends we both had on crew.

My husband was the number one agent at the time, and since I was the car handler we had it made (for mag crew agents). So after thinking about going home I would back out.

I ended up seeing different places, and meeting new people. To people considering joining- be careful who you go to if you decide you join. Even though there wasn't any physical abuse involved and the business was legitimate (I mean they really got their magazines), it was definately something you have to really be careful about. Don't trust just anyone cause you have to keep in mind that the agents that do the hiring get $50 a person they hire. Just be careful who you trust and if make sure that you are guaranteed a bus ticket home if you don't like it. Luckily the mag crew we joined bought your ticket for you to go home in and some money to eat off of. The owner did make sure we were well taken care of and he was very protective over us. He always made sure we got in contact with our parents and all our parents knew they could call the owner's cell phone if they wanted to talk to us. If we wanted to leave and go home it wasn't a problem he let us go and he would provide transportation to the bus station and the ticket. If there was ever a family emergency it was no problem, you could go and come back. Unfortuanely not all crews are the same. There are some that are totally screwed up and he always let us know that we should be lucky we were on a good crew. Even though it wasn't bad like these other crews, it was hard and you had no time for yourself. You couldn't go anywhere, you had to ask permission to do anything. It was like I was a kid again and this time it was worse because it wasn't a parent trying to control us. To anyone out there trying to get out of town and travel, be careful who you trust and make sure they provide a bus ticket home if you want to quit.




I joined mag crew with my best friend. We were both broke and just wanted to leave town. When we got there everything was great. I was so excited. A chance to see the country and make a lot of money. The only problem was that everyone smoked drank, and had sex all the time. I got caught up in all of that. I got pregnant and my managers wanted me to have an abortion, but i couldnt. I wanted to raise my baby. I got out and have succeeded in starting over, and making a wonderful life for myself and my son, but my babys father is still out there, not paying any child support, because they get payed "under the table". I never got the money off my books, and I regret those three months I was on crew more than anything, but I guess if I hadn't gone I wouldnt have my son. My best friend is still out there and last I heard from her she was on Meth. I hope that she will realize that mag crew is no life and has no future.

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