Jesse Jones Jr

i was 20 at the time and just got out of jail the weekend before I saw the ad in the paper. I was tired of the crappy little town in Oklahoma where I came from and needed to get away for a while. The ad read " Travel the USA 18 and older No expierence required" and I say to my self it sounds cool and fun didn't even care what kind of job it was really so I went to the interview answered a few a questions and was hired in 10 minutes they told me to come back in a couple of hours with all my things and be ready to leave. I thought they was just seeing who would show but they were for real - went back to there motel and in another city and didn't even know what I was doing till I got dropped the next day with this guy who was gonna show me what to do. SELL MAGAZINES door to door! I caught on fairly quickly kinda had the salemans rap had a pretty good speell. The group I was with were the strict and rigid type people sorta like drones more or less. Id always back the system tell them what I thought of the situation. The only reason the manager put up with me was because I wrote good business but when I was down he'd try to ride me and always tried act like a dictator to the crew and had to be right. No matter what, one of those kind of people talk crap to them when he felt like it he slap and knock people around. He never laid a hand on me. He always talked my mistakes over with me. He couldn't intimidate me. Always messed with the ones he could control mentally and physically but for the most part it was the one brain wash. I did all that for a little over a year don't get me wrong it wasn't all that bad as you think. I traveled made decent money for walkin and talkin and the boss let me do just about anything I wanted as long as I produced that was all he really cared about. but I got bored and was tired of all of it so I went home when we in Missouri. and said forget it!

But heres the funny part about 2 and a half years later I was looking for something to do something to get away again - you know was thinking of going to the peace corps and just check it out - I wanted to travel mostly but just chanced upon a similar ad in the paper for the same company and it had the name of the guy I knew on the crew as the interviewer and I was wanting to see if it was the same one. Curosity It was! being back on crew was alright a couple of the old hands were still there and a bunch of new faces It was pretty much the same except the atmosphere was more laid back. The manager still got on you if you were slippin but other than the that this time round was cool. Got promoted to the managers clique and saw how things were really done the little secrets to keep things runing, you know what I mean. And not all of it was nice and proper!!! But you had to do what you had to do to make it work I stayed about the same amount of time as I did the last time but decided it was time to split again. Was gonna split with a girl I thought I was in love with but thats another storyI Was on the ocean in NC and travel by bus to get back home and was really lucky to get that But taking everything into consideration I had some good times and some bad times on the road. I don't even know what to tell everybody. It is different. check it out for yourself but remeber 2 things. 1) always have money put back for your emergency bus ride home cause sometimes they just might leave you stranded and you can always leave when you want to and 2) Never fall for one of your co-workers on the road cause relationships just don't work out good but just for fun and games is cool - helps relieve stress of the day you know what i am saying and 3) always keep your mind so yours is yours and not someone else's okay! Peace out

Jesse Jones!