my story is mostly a good one although it does have its bad side-after all if it didnt i might still be selling. i joined crew to help me get out of a pretty bad situation but also because there was no way i was gonna pass up an experience like the one that was being offered to me. i was in a mall when this cute guy tried to sell me a magazine- he said -"excuse me ms. i think you dropped something---your smile." i just laughed and told him i didnt have any money. he quickly said he didnt want me to buy one anyway-he wanted to hire me. i told him my situation and he told me all about the crew and the job. i was very wary and indecisive about the whole thing. he was car handler that day so he asked me if i wanted to come along for the ride to meet some other crew members. i didnt have anything to do so i went and met them and we hung out for awhile which made him miss some sales. i had to go but he told me he would be back after they finished work but i still wasnt sure about it. 10 rolls around and i didnt think he was coming- then the doorbell rings and hes standing there. so i was like alright ill go for the night and see what its like. i met the coolest people that night- including my boss. there was like 60 or so kids just chillin in the hotel and there was a puppy walking around-i had so much fun that night. the next day i went to work with some of the girls in the explorer to a parking lot and i got to watch them sell and at first i was like theres no way i can do that but i caught on easily - the girls are pretty much trained to sell to guys so its not that hard. i had fun and decided to stay. i quickly became close to everyone on crew and on the other crews we were staying with (other crews from our company usually traveled with us so there were a lot more kids). its sorta hard not to because theyre really like youre family for the time being--you eat with them, sleep with them, work with them, you wake up and theyre there, go to sleep and theyre there, you fight with them , you support them, etc... i had also started a relationship with the kid who hired me and fell in love with him. he was amazing. the girl who trained me became my bf, my sister and my mother. we traveled in 3 vans, an explorer, a little red car and my boss had a mitsubishi 3000gt. i saw places i would never see, like new orleans. for xmas and new years we were in daytona in a resort on the beach. we had a week off and lots of money in our pockets. we partied hard and had a blast. we were with 2 other crews and our bosses had a xmas eve party for us and rented out a beautiful party hall for us on xmas day and we all got dressed up. we always had enough money for cigs and food to last til the next day and if we ever ran out (we tended to spend it on partying too) we always helped eachother out. my boss loved his money more than anything and was an amazing salesman. some people say he didnt care about us but i dont think thats true.he was very close to some of us and treated us individually as we each deserved to be treated. personally, he was like a father to me and a friend. i know he never would have let me go hungry or anything. we were taught to think positive all the time and always do our best. we were pushed to do this and were forever told we could do it. we were given lots of responsibility and freedom. we could take the cars on our days off and sometimes part of the crew even seperated from the rest and were given a car and money. like once- 6 of us girls went to savannah because there are so many military bases and the rest of the crew stayed in florida with my boss. my boss did not at all approve of my relationship with my boyfriend because he didnt want us to screw up or get pregnant or something so that was a problem but in a way i see why he did some of the things he did- he had to regulate us in some way. i met people from all over the country and partied in all different cities. we went to military bases and college dorms and malls and sometimes regular apartment complexes. it was a nervewrecking job sometimes cause youre always wondering if youre gonna get enough sales but then isnt every job nervewrecking? we'd wake in the morning when someone finally came knocking on the doors around 830-930, go to morning meeting where my boss announced car handlers and quotas and it was almost like a peprally. we'd seperate into whatever car we were assigned and go to work. we'd work anywhere from around the block from the hotel to 2 hours away. there were usually 4 drops during the day and we would each have a designated area. we'd eat whenever we got the chance. we'd get home anywhere from 7 to 12 and then partied or just chilled. we werent allowed to drink on work nights if we hadnt had enough sales but that usually didnt matter. we were always allowed to smoke pot and we would find it on territory during the day- somebody always had it--every night. we all smoked on territory too even though we werent suppossed to. you got to the point in this kind of bussiness where you can read a person as soon as they open the door. some were mean as hell and you always had to be prepared for it and not let that get you down and just go to the next door. but then some people were cool as hell and that was the majority. i got a lot of free shit on this job and extra money too (from customers). you get to the point where you can sell a mag to just about anyone. it was especially easy on the military bases! the girl who trained me was such a powerful agent she could sell 7 all cash to one guy in 5 minutes. we had our slang terms--our every other word was "right on". it had so many different meanings but it came from my boss saying it to try and psych us up. before we left eachother during the day-we'd always say"get a bunch!"-meaning a bunch of sales. and before we passed out at night-wed say "sleep on a bunch"---always-we still say it on the phone.we did get screamed at sometimes and it would make us wanna fold but most of the time we deserved it--for screwin around on territory and not even trying to do your job. at night it was like one big slumber party- although we did have to got to our rooms by a certain time- we would sneak out. it was even hard sometimes to take a shower cause you'd never wanna leave the constant party. the sleeping situation was never bad. at most there were 4 people to a room (girls and guys seperate) and we just shared double beds. the only reason someone would sleep on the floor would be because the guys didnt wanna share abed which was their problem. we did have sex with other people in the room but ive encountered that at home too.

we did party --hard--- but ive partied just as hard at home. the entire time i was on crew- i was soo homesick. i had picked up the crew in florida but im from NYC ( i was in fl cause of the bad situation i was in) so i hadnt seen my family and friends in like 6 months. i had a 3 yr old brother and a boyfriend waiting for me and i have a very close clique that i missed too. but ny was calling my name- i missed it a lot. i could only talk to certain people about it- certainly not my boss. he didnt want me to leave-nobody did. you get so close to these people-its difficult to decide what to do. i now had 2 lives that i wanted to lead at the same time. i hardly spoke to anyone in ny when i was on crew because we'd get back to the hotel late and id forget to buy a calling card and stuff. my parents wanted me to come home real bad. they didnt trust the whole thing at all- but there was nothing they could really do. we hired people whenever we could-on territory and thru ads. i hired a couple of people. some people would last and others were gone by the time we left that city. what is hard about the job is that you meet a lot of people youll never see again- cool people on territory (like lots of the miltiary boys) and lots of people who leave crew. you have to get used to it or be organized and collect numbers. i did see mag agents win those trips and i saw wads of cash in my own hand and in other agents. we all went on enormous shopping sprees at xmas time. we usually jumped on sat nights. the trips would be anywhere from 3 hrs to 15 hrs and they were un (although we always wanted to get there) wed seperate into cars,vans and wed have powwows in the back,smoke blunts,sleep, wed stop for food or sometimes even to sleep. my boss would pick somebody to ride with him in his beautiful car. i folded when we were in ok city. one night i had fallen asleep in my boyfriends room and our boss came to wake us up in the morning (usually it was another crew member) and he saw us and he was pissed so i got a little upset. anyway i made the decision later that morning that i was tired and homesick and it was time to go home. i was in a different car than my boyfriend that day but we all met at mcd's before work and i remember saying goodbye to him and telling him i love him but he didnt know what i was planning on doing cause he wouldve freaked out and tried to make me stay. he knew something was wrong but just went to work. we went to a military base that day and i had some guy drop me to meet my friend who was planning on leaving with me. we hung out with some guys all day long in their barracks and then had somebody drive us back to the hotel before any of the kids got back. last minute she decided not to leave but i was already gone in my head. all i could think about was new york. i was so nervous to ask my boss for money for the bus ticket . he was shocked and really upset and mad . he did everything he could to get me to stay but he knew i wasnt gonna back down. i wasnt even thinking straight at this point i didnt think about how i didnt even say goodbye to my friends. i always thought i was gonna eventually come back. we used to always say"once a mag agent-always a mag agent"! so he gave me money for the ticket and then some and i got a ride to the station and took a 2 and a half day trip home---a lot of time to think. i cried and laughed and slept . i regretted leaving but i didnt. i was so excited to go home. and it was nice to be back. the magazine crew was an amazing experience. not all crews are alike-as i see from these stories . it can be very tough and tiring. you cant go far with that kind of lifestyle and you have to be cut out for it. it is a lot of hard work and you are constantly pushed and youre not allowed to be in a bad mood if you feel like it. it is reckless and you do have to be careful. i do admit, i put myself in alot of dangerous positions. i got to drive so many different kinds of cars but got in them with guys i didnt even know , i chilled with a lot of cool people but went into complete strangers homes. you could read people and lots of the time i walked away from a persons door out of fright but you never know. i couldve easily been raped or even murdered. i missed my family alot. i never saw any violence going on except stupid fights between the guys on crew sometimes. ive kept in touch with a lot of people from crew and plan on visitng some soon. awhile after i got home, i found out that there had been a terrible accident. many of my friends were killed and seriosly injured. the accident was an accident-nobodys fault really but it affected us all in way i cant explain. the driver-who is alive was just driving recklessly as kids do . its very eerie to wonder if i wouldve been in that van if i hadnt come home. i think about every one of them every day and it almost seems surreal. i was with them for a short amount of time but they became sooo close so quickly. you have to be prepared for anything in the mag business and sometimes you even have to disregard what you are feeling just to go on. its difficult but fun-----its just so many different things. its the kind of thing where theres no way you can understand it unless youve experienced it. it all definitley taught me a lot of lessons that i can use in life and that ill take with me wherever i go and whatever i do. it even helped me grow up alot--believe it or not. although its a free trip across the country- you basically have to take care of your own shit. never turn your back-------- for two reasons-1-youll miss all the fun-2-its risky business.