Hi, my name is Anissa and I was on a mag crew in 1996.

I just graduated high school, and hated being at home, when I saw an ad in the paper that said "Have fun in the sun, and travel! Return promised!" Little did I know what I was getting into. I packed my clothes and guitar and was on my way to a promise of money and fame.. We worked in Colorado going door to door with a skit like this:

Hey, have you heard about this years seniors contest? No? Well here is what it is, we are going around the block just meeting people, and if I get 2000 point guess what? I win a trip to Cabo.. Ask me how I get my points.? Well all you have to do is pick on off my list, its just magz, or renew on that you already have and I get double the points..."

Anyway you get my point.. Well if we could get cash from these people the better. We would ride around in vans all day, and if you pissed your van driver off you could bet you would be walking... sometimes I would get left in a area for over 8 hours until dark, and then find my way home..

the drugs, the sex, it was out of control, I drank, and did drugs even when going door to door. If we made less than 10 sales our draw for the night was less than 10.00. Im from Fort Collins Colorado, and when I was in Las Vegas they left me at 10pm and I called my dad collect and he had me on a plane home later that night. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.. I was raped by my boss... The sent me home with no money and didnt care what happened to me.. If it wasnt for my dad I wouldnt know what I would have done.. I had some good times, but mostly bad. Going door to door is scary, girls would trade sex for sales...

When we would travel state to state we were high and drinking while driving and 90% of us didnt have an okay to drive from the state. So if your child is out there, get them home, and get them home now!!! Is bad, and they will tell you anything to get you hooked... Please go home.... This is full of danger and you could be killed.. Go home now, dont run walk... Thanks.