Wow i have so many stories i dont know where to start,first of all im from Ventura,CA and i've been left in every state but that one. Now im just tired and i want to go home, recently the owner of the company I worked with passed away and the company is basically crashing. I couldnt tell you how much money they owe that i'll never see and how many years of my life I wasted that I cant get back.I finally got left two weeks ago for the last time in parkersburg West virginia where a gentlemen named bob let me work in his detail shop for a couple of days so I wouldnt starve on my long journey back to california.

The owner of the company I sold magazines for was a evil old man that cared nothing about anything except for money.He had a thing with golf clubs and peoples heads if you know what I mean.I remember one day we were staying in Oak Grove,M.O. and I had a white girlfriend,I'm black by the way,and he called my room threatening that he was going to kill me calling me out of my name several times (nigger) and then he started actually coming to my room beating on my door with golf clubs again threats were still being blurred out of his mouth.Finally the next week he woke Jenna up at 4 O'clock in the morning and told her she was fired for being a nigger lover and told that she was being taken to the bus station, But she was driven thirty miles down the road and let off at a truck stop.

In the meantime I had no idea of what was going on till I got a very disturbing phone call at 5:30 in the morning telling me what they had done to her and taken her. So right away I jumped out of bed to go down to the truck stop to remedy the situation,we ended up getting a hotel room and calling her parents to come and pick her up, and her parents drove all the from roanoak,V.A. through that day and the next night to come and get there baby girl.So finally they arrived,and she was safely secured I went back to the hotel in coralville,I.A. where I was fired and stranded again for about a month.