My story is really long and it kills me to write it all out..and it would take awhile to tell you everything that happend in detail. In only 3 months..the longest 3 months of my life I have seen way to much. My first month was cool. we had alot of agents on crew so there was money being made..only if you made your quotas. Afterawhile memebers left and it went down hill from there. No one was really making any kind of money and they money that was made was used on Drugs and Alcahol. Every single night and day. Yes you heard my right..carhandlers would be driving agents off during the day and picking them up while they were drinking and smoking pot in the car.

Some agents would be also. I always feared for my life. My manager never did this though. She never did any drugs.. Just drank occanisonally at night. The other managers that we joined up with were really bad. Taking the agetns money to go get them pot and spending it on there crack habbits

Once I was driving for one of the managers cause me and my friend from home were the only 2 with manager didnt even have one..well he made me drive him down to the gettho in crack town so he could pick up some weed. This is insane..I hated it but was affraid to leave. Me and my friend almost got raped out on T(territory). People listen to me..dont join any crew..they dont give a shit about's like a sweatshop..they sit back while you bust your butt to bring in the cash for them. I've seen agents get verbally knocked down and physically. When you get hurt it doesnt matter, they dont give a damn. If your not dead then your expected to work. No matter what. I really hated this..yes I made some friends..but very few and I hope they have left also.

These people harbor criminals wanted in differnt states. Shit the managers are criminals themselves. Parents please do what ever you can to keep your children from joining one of these "crews"..they brainwash you and to this day I'm still messed up from it. I'll never forget everything that has happend on "MAG CREW"