Another B

I traveled with the company involved in the crash in Wisconsin. The driver in that crash was my good friend for the whole time I traveled. We had some found memories together. Luckily for me I quit the business in Florida about a month prior to the accident. Two of the people in the crash I knew very well. Fortuantly for them they were among the survivors. I also worked for another company about a year later as i was stranded in CO.

I can for surely say I would NOT recommend joining a magazine crew or any traveling crew for that matter. The promise of tons of money are very far-fetched, unless you have a knack for it, and move up into the management very quickly. You most likely will spend your days going door to door stressing over sales, and constantly hiding from apartment managers and the police. (Due to soliciting rules in practically every place you go). All in all, I can say it was an experience, I met alot of people, still keep in touch with some, but do not advise it, no matter how bad you think you have it where you are.

There is little help to get back on your feet, because once you join and then decide to quit, you are going to be put on a bus back home with little or no money. They will tell you they have to wait for "bad business" before they give you ALL your money. Again, not recommended.

As for the fatal crash in Janesville, hmm.. tears come when I think about it. My good friend is now responsible for the death of 7 people. 7+++++ families changed forever, because of one irrational decision. I feel very lucky that my girlfriend and I quit in Daytona Beach when we did, otherwise both of us most likely would have been involved in that accident. In closing, IT IS NOT WORTH IT and all the talk of traveling and getting to see the country. Thats just riduculous, you see different doors of apartment complexes all over the U.S. Thats not traveling. And honestly after awhile everywhere seems the same because you are running constanly 6 days a week from at least 8 in morning until 8 at night.