After i finally got twenty sales it was about five o'clock so and i knew casey wouldnt show untill eight. so i went and called a cab.and i went to the er. after all of the testing and everything i was diagnosed with vertigo a viral disease caused by stress and m.nutrition. i called brooke our office lady and told her where i was and that i needed to be picked up because i was too weak to do anything. she immediatly asked what i had on the day, i told her twenty. she was quiet for a long time and then she told me that i was lucky i had twenty because i was in a lot of trouble. they came and got me and took me to the office. now remember that im really sick and i cant even barely stand. john comes in and slams the door and just starts ripping me a new asshole for miaing on casey. he doesnt ask if im alright or anything he asks for my ducket and tells me to pack my shit! i start to argue saying that i have no where to go. and he tells me i should have planned my day better. after that he sends me to the bus station with only enough money for a ticket. im on the bus for three days with no food or any money.

im back home now, im a little better because im eating right and sleeping regularly. i have no home, im staying with my grandparents, but i cant stay long. i still havent seen any of my money and probably never will. now i have to start all over. and even though i have no job and no home, im still happy because im not on the crew anymore.i hope that some one reads this and does something about these people, there horrible and deserve to be punished for using and abusing kids the way that they are. and all for their own benefit!

Something has to be done!!!!