M another one

I am married now. I quit in 2000, and I live in texas

story: I started when i was 18 with my twin sister. We were taken to Carrolton,TX. I wanted something new and i was hired right on the spot. I didnt need to have an interview. They told me if there was anyone i knew who wanted to join to tell them that they can. They said they would pick my sister and i up in a limo. I thought that was cool, but we didnt.

Well the guy who picked us up - I ended up being with him for like 3 years. It was the worst relationship i was in. We would fight constantly and he was physically and emotionally abusive to me. They treat u like crap. Also if someone didnt make any sales u cant talk to them. They were ridiculed and called a W.A.B (weak ass bitch).

One day my boyfriend was hitting me cause i wasnt making any sales, and he thought i was cheating on him. I had to go to the hospital cause i couldnt walk. He didnt even bother to take me cause the boss was getting him a car and that is what he cared about. I wanted to see this place in roanoke where we were staying, but he told me i didnt make enough money for him to take me.

One day i was screaming for someone to help me, but no one did. I even told the president of the company's wife and all she said was i could go travel with someone else. Like all these stories, there are drugs and sex. Also alot of couples fight and hit eachother. There is alot to say about the mag life. The only good thing is that i got to see the states. If someone asked me if it is a good idea to join i would say no.