When I got the job I was working at a gas station and hated it and me and a friend where planning on getting our own place. So we were both looking for a new job when we found this add that said cool jobs with great pay. So we called the number and they said that we would be working in sales and that we would be working on college campuses and military areas and that we would be making anywhere from $20 to $100 a day and it was good pay with lots of fun. They needed me right away though like that day or the next if possible and that I would have a 2 week traning process. They would send me the bus ticket and pick me up from the bus station when I got there. So I packed my things that day and quit my job and headed out the next day. I ended up leaving alone though my girl friend stayed at home with her mom she said she couldn't just leave everyone like that. When I got to the bus station where they were suppose to be waiting for me when I arrived in Toledo, there was no one there so I waited for about an hour and called the number that I had called to begin with and they said that they had no vehicals there but that I could take a cap and that they would pay for it. I was paid for just being there that day even though I didn't work that day and everything seemed really cool. I went out the following day and saw how it was done.

After being there for a month when I wasn't selling as great as they thought I should I was only getting around $15 a day and was only getting to eat once a day and some days not eating that much. I did how ever really like the people I worked with and met some really great friends and hope to hear from them again soon. We lost touch with each other when she left and they through some of her belongings away. (She left not a week after me, and in her belongings was my address and phone number so that she could get in touch.)

When I decided to leave it was because we weren't getting paid at all and I hadn't eaten a bite of anything for 3 days and felt so sick. I was also sleeping in the floor in my room that I had to share with three other girls because I sold less magazines then they did.

When I decided to leave they kept trying to keep me from leaving, like kept trying to take my bags back to my room and stuff like that. I did however make it home though and I am very happy for that. I do however miss my friends from crew and wish that I could get in contact with them.

Oh, we also were stopped by the police several times for selling the magazines with out a permit and some of my friends even went to jail for it for a few days. It was really scarey at times. I also had another friend who got held up in this really bad area where she was working. Plus I had several people try to pick me up while I was waiting for my ride but I knew where some of my guy friends where working and found them so I would be safe. One of my other friends that I met on crew called me after she left and told me that she and her boyfriend were both beat up when they left the crew. He was jumped by four of the managers on the crew. Anyways, the experience wasn't that bad of one but I do think that someone wanting to do this needs to really think of all the things that they have heard or read before jumping into it. God Bless! Lots of love!