I started off bad ass but when we got to Hawaii it was the end of something I called freedom. They told us we would only pay so much for the round trip and everyday would cost us $10 more for rent. Me and all of my friends were selling no less than eight a day and max about 18, but when we checked our books we were all negative. I started advising everyone to check their books cuz we were being robbed. I rawled up all the girls that went and everyone wanted to quit. They ended up meeting with us and discussing where our books were at but I still had a feeling I was being scammed. One day they dropped everyone off exept me and my director started driving back to the hotel. They said I was disorganizing the whole group and they were sending me back to the home land to meet with the group in L.A. As soon as I got there they took me straight to the bus station, luckily they were courteous enough to buy my bus ticket and they gave me forty dollars. I was torn apart from my friends that were like my sisters.