Well it seems all so fun at first they tell you that you will make so much money and travel for free so I didnt have a job and it seemed like something fun to do. well it was until i tried to go home i was all the way in orlando florida i told my car handler at about *9 am i wanted to go home she told me that i couldnt quit in her car so she spotted me out so i blanked all day when i got back to the hotel that night i told my boss i wanted to go home. He flipped out got my room key recoded and said good luck getting my things and getting home. so i called my father - he sent me a ticket. they told me i had to refuse transportation. i didnt want to but i had no choice i had 600 on my books and they made up lies and said that i didnt have any money that cancelled orders took the money away so i had no money.

They tell you they will give you money to go home on well i went clear from fl to ohio with no money they wouldnt give me any. As your reading this there is alot more to this then i am saying. i would be here all day typing but dont ever go its not worth the abuse you go through just so sometimes you can eat or have money period. i feel horrible for anyone that tries to leave that went through what i did. my friend is still there shes afraid to leave she tries to sneak out but he wont let her. dont do it