I worked on a magazine sales crew. I found the "Opportunity" when two of my friends called me and invited me to join. I figured they have been doing this for about a month and they liked it alot.

I spoke to the manager for the first time the next day. I was told how to pickup my bus ticket to get to where they were staying and I arrived the next day.

That week we were told of a hop to Ensenada, Mexico for a celebration of the new "Contest" and to announce the winners of the last one. The trip was very fun and I thought that I was going to have a great time based on talking to the other 1,000 people there.

I noticed the general idea was work hard all day, party all night, no matter what night it was. As long as we brought in sales and were at the meeting in the morning everything was OK.

A little different than most crews, we were given $20 a day to live off of. This counted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and of course it came off your "Books".

In the morning we would all wake up and had to be at meeting at 9:00 AM sharply. We would all take bets and have competitions using your spiel to outdo someone elses. Around 10:00 AM we would go to breakfast and we were out selling magazines by 10:30.

Usually I was alone, however, once a week I could convince the driver to let me go with someone else. There was about 6 drops a day. 3 before lunch and 3 after. No one in our crew was every denied lunch (Unless they had no money). When we arrived back at the hotel we got to check in our daily sales with the manager and the owner. The owner of the company used to drink alot of hard alcohol and was addicted to pills so if you had a bad day you got yelled at for about 20 minutes. We called it an Absolut ass chewin because he drank only Absolut Vodka. I was one of the best on crew so I never expericened on of these but I got to watch about 50. If the crew all had a bad day we were sat down in a room and the manager yelled at us one by one over the loudspeaker. One day on "T" or territory I developed an ingrown toenail and had to go to the emergency room. I got a prescription for Vicadin after the visit and my boss told me to give him half of the bottle for paying for the visit. I came to find out that he never paid for the visit and I was charged for it after I got home. There were good parts about traveling though. We got to see both oceans, and all the good parts in between and there were new girls coming in and out of crew weekly. The fact is that the attitude of people towards you on a mag crew changes daily based on the sales you bring in. I finally decided to quit my sales time after 11 months and was told I got $200 for a 4 day bus ride home. The manager told me after all the cancellations and the fees I had to pay thats all the money I have after 11 months. I am now 21 years old and the memories of my venture will always be with me but the constant memory that comes up is how bad the whole magazine sales lifestyle is. I know that my story may not change someones mind about joining crew but I will let you know that when you return home (And you will return home) you will fell like you have accomplished absolutely nothing! Thanks for reading my story.


To the parents that have kids selling magazines. Please, I mean PLEASE let them know that the ONLY people profiting from this is the owner of the company. Please help your kids come home!


-My hopes and prayers go out to the families and friends that had to go through losing a loved one to a mag crew. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL.