my story begins in ashville nc,where everything was cool I actually thought I would make lots of money only to find out I started at 20 dollars a day, and if you didnt have quota you only got 5 dollars a day.

The day after I got there we jumped to tenn,where we were expected to work in rain,snow,and sleet,it was terrible. I had places on me from where the hail had hit me so hard,and once in ohio,my manager dropped me off in a assisted living neighborhood,and I thought i was making a sale until things went bad the man invited me in then slammed the door,threw me against it,and unzipped my clothes,I got out fortunatley,my manager came and got me and told me to suck it up and move on,and he dropped me in another neighborhood,i cried 2 days straight,then all of his agents were laughing,and all they could do was sit there and experience their drugs. I told my manager I was fed up with it,so he told me he had a bus ticket and go home,only thing is he dropped me off at the bus station with no bus ticket,its a scary thing to go through!