magazines and chemical sales go hand in hand. Chemical sales is the same type of business. I found it was easy to sell chemicals cause you had to deminstrate the product. I worked for a company by the name of Hypro chemical corp.We would carry a small water bottle of a concentrate mostly water and go door to door demenstrating this chemical.I believe 1 gallon would cost 20 dollars. We tried to sell it by the case a case would be 6 gallons.We would work the territory and then every 2 hours drop the stuff off to the costumer.It was better than magazines because they didn't have to wait 90 to 120 days to recieve product.It worked the same way as magazines same bullshit.I have read all these stories an I can relate to all of them.I walk away from this business without a nickel to my name.I am 35 and finally getting my life together.