I started selling magazines back in the late eighty's at the age of eighteen. I remember reading the ad in the newspaper and it said "rock n roll" atomosphere entry level,travel,great pay.Well i had just turned 18 and needed a job because my parents where about to throw me out of the house.I interviewed at a hotel (quality inn) on brookpark in Cleveland.

The company had been in the business since they were teenagers.They where very flashy people who flaunted alot of gold,cars,vans,and boats.I thought this was the greatest opportunity for me to become successful.I was hired on the spot and was told to be back the very next day with my luggage.

I met the crew and we all went to dinner that night. Everyone had a go getter attitude.The next day the owner took us out in his boat to go waterskiing, I thought to myself this is the best job in the world.

magazine crews work a 6 day work week monday through Saturday.The work day begins by everyone waking each other up, oh by the way if you are a new guy you get to sleep on the bed for the first 3 days, after that it goes by your production.If you are the low man then you get to sleep on the floor.I spent many nights on the floor.Usually we would have 3 to 4 people in a room.We generally would spend 2 to 4 weeks in a city.

After everyone wakes up we all go to breakfest together.Everything was always done together.After breakfeast we go back to the hotel to have a motivational meeting which involved practicing are pitch to one another.This would last for about a half hour.One my first day I went out with a trainer he handed me a pitch that I was to use as a guideline to sell magazines.It went something like this: Hi my name is ____ and im going around your neighborhood to get all your neighbors to vote for me in this years communication contest.

I was trained not to sell magazines but to act like a kid in a contest and this is the last week of the contest and all i need is 3 more people to back me up with votes and ill win 1000 dollars and a trip to Cancun.Well we all load up in 2 to 4 vans and every carhandler is given a territory to work.Everyone heads into a different direction.When we arrive at the territory they tell you and another person that this is your territory get out of the van 1 person works one side and the other works the other side.The carhandler will be back to check on you every 2 hours.On my first day I went to 3 doors with a trainer then he cut me lose to do it on my own.I had never gone door to door before i was very scared.He told me to tell them that it was my first day and to bear with me.Well i did not get any sales my first day but i basically had to develop my own pitch so i could sell these darn magazines.I am now 35 years of age and I can tell you that it literally screwed up my life.

I sold mags for 4 years, and then chemicals for 2 more.The money was not great.They give you just enough money to keep you there and prevent you from leaving.I had no other place to go so I was stuck. It made me become a con artist,and a bullshiter.I become very good at it though.I became a very good acter that I would run from house to house(cause all the neighbors are watching you as you go from house to house) Running from house to house got my fired up.I would knock on a door out of breath so Miss Jones could see that I was very motivated in winning this contest.

I used many tactics for getting in people's house.Once a person let me in their house they where sold,especially a house wife.I craved over young housewives because they love to buy things when their husbands are at work.I also got arrested about 30 times.usually I would get arrested for soliciting without a permit.I have probably been stopped by the police 500 times to ask me what im going and present id.Talk about imbarrassing.