I joined mag crew with my best friend. We were both broke and just wanted to leave town. When we got there everything was great. I was so excited. A chance to see the country and make a lot of money. The only problem was that everyone smoked drank, and had sex all the time. I got caught up in all of that. I got pregnant and my managers wanted me to have an abortion, but i couldnt. I wanted to raise my baby. I got out and have succeeded in starting over, and making a wonderful life for myself and my son, but my babys father is still out there, not paying any child support, because they get payed "under the table". I never got the money off my books, and I regret those three months I was on crew more than anything, but I guess if I hadn't gone I wouldnt have my son. My best friend is still out there and last I heard from her she was on Meth. I hope that she will realize that mag crew is no life and has no future.