It all started in late June of 2001. My husband and I were both without jobs and things here at home went bad. We then saw an add in the paper that said "get paid to travel, make lots of money." I called and set up an interview for both of us to go in and talk to him about this different job that seemed so interesting. We both went in at the same time and from the beginning it all sounded too good to be true. Of course it was a good sales agent trying to convince both of us to join.

After we heard how great it would be we both decided to join. We had to leave within the next few days, they didn't give us any time to really say bye to friends and family. We took off and I remember it was a Sunday, the next day we got out the van all the new kids had someone to train them and we went door to door telling people a bunch of lies and selling the hell out of some magazines. It was hard at first, sore feet, hot in the summer, walking all over neighborhoods all day long.

Then you get use to it and you become better at selling, and you learn how to make up more stories and sell more magazines. I was selling about 20 a day. Really, you didn't make that much money, I also became a car handler later and didn't get any extra money for it and since I had to drive everyone around I lost time to sell, and money at the same time but the main reason I did it was because after a while it got to where I hated knocking on doors. If we didn't meet our regular quota we would get yelled at for at least an hour after work hours, sometimes we had meetings that lasted even longer. We got up at 8 in the morning and worked until 6:30 to 7 every night, six days a week, and on our only day off we usually had to hop to another state. I drove a big van with a bunch of guys, including my husband. I was the only girl but that was okay cause all the guys were cool with me. I liked the crew but the owner was such a jerk at times. Sometimes he was awesome (when we had a good day). Other wise it was hell. We would dred the days we went in with out our much business.

The next morning we would go back to work and we only prayed we had a good day. We did have some good times but in all reality you never got a break and honestly the money wasn't that great at all. We got $20 draws every night, but we each had to pay $15 a night for our hotels. We never stayed at crumby hotels but that's $35 a day and then at the end of the month you got all your money that was left. My first month I remember I got $400. The next $600. C'mon now I make that in a week now. Of course add the $35 a day to live on, but the day we got our money most of us spent it within a few days. So there we were running on our daily draws.

It was hard, we worked in any kind of weather. We never missed a day no matter what. You could never have an excuse on why you didn't sell enough magazines, in his eyes no one could ever have a bad day. Even though it was hard and I wanted to come back home I would think about all the bad things I would have to come home to and loosing all the friends we both had on crew.

My husband was the number one agent at the time, and since I was the car handler we had it made (for mag crew agents). So after thinking about going home I would back out.

I ended up seeing different places, and meeting new people. To people considering joining- be careful who you go to if you decide you join. Even though there wasn't any physical abuse involved and the business was legitimate (I mean they really got their magazines), it was definately something you have to really be careful about. Don't trust just anyone cause you have to keep in mind that the agents that do the hiring get $50 a person they hire. Just be careful who you trust and if make sure that you are guaranteed a bus ticket home if you don't like it. Luckily the mag crew we joined bought your ticket for you to go home in and some money to eat off of. The owner did make sure we were well taken care of and he was very protective over us. He always made sure we got in contact with our parents and all our parents knew they could call the owner's cell phone if they wanted to talk to us. If we wanted to leave and go home it wasn't a problem he let us go and he would provide transportation to the bus station and the ticket. If there was ever a family emergency it was no problem, you could go and come back. Unfortuanely not all crews are the same. There are some that are totally screwed up and he always let us know that we should be lucky we were on a good crew. Even though it wasn't bad like these other crews, it was hard and you had no time for yourself. You couldn't go anywhere, you had to ask permission to do anything. It was like I was a kid again and this time it was worse because it wasn't a parent trying to control us. To anyone out there trying to get out of town and travel, be careful who you trust and make sure they provide a bus ticket home if you want to quit.