New Stories 2006


Lets just say that i worked for a company in a crew that made national news one horrible day, i was 16, my buddy found the ad, and i wanted 2 go 2 this 'interview' jus to tag along, well this 'infamous' manager took 1 look at me and practically begged me 2 hire on, with my smile & looks, i'd make a killin.. that and i think i might have made girl #2 at that moment in time, i called my mom frm the hotel, told her what i was doing and she called the police & said 'over my dead body' the police came & arrested me 4 runaway, i got out the next day, my mom agreed to sign a letter saying i had permission 2 travel, so we left state (the crew) and c, the boss told all the guys no1 was 2 touch or try n hook up with me, my first day out, my trainer let me knock a few doors and i scored 7sales which is great, i had my good days (usually if i got stoned, pot, with a customer) and i had my bad 1s, i left a few times being told id flip burgers or stay sittin in the ghetto where i came frm, but i went back several times over 2 yrs.. 1ce this guy on crew liked me & i was not interested and the guy got upset & wanted 2 'fold' (leave) and c came barging into me & my roomates hotel rm in the middle of the night fired up angry screaming and yelling at me 4 "leading a weak man on" and he grabbed my arm took me to his room and said we need to talk. he made me lay in his bed and asked me (very mean) if this was what i was wanting,i was scared i told him no, but he calmed down, i was maybe 17 @the time and we wound up sleeping together.. we had done it a few more times thru out my stays with the crew. us girls were FORCED to sneak onto millitary bases dressed sexy to sell in the barracks, we were bailed out of any trouble we got into, we were given 15$ a day 2 eat, & whatever else we needed and was told our commission was put on2 'the books' which i later found out didnt exist, the books was his pocket, all in all there is so much more to tell but to sum it up, it is a very dangerous job, especially 4 the girls, u never know who is behind a door u knock on, i once had a door opened to where i was looking in2 the barrel of a shotgun.. its not worth it, the traveling was the only fun part aside frm meetin a few awesome ppl along the way.


I joined back in 1994 while in Huntsville, Al (the first time).  I was desperate for a job, but I really didn't have any idea what I was getting into. My old college roommate sold encyclopedias for a more reputable company, but I thought I was getting into the same thing. Disaster! My story is much like everyone else's...$10 a day, marijuana if possible, sex if possible, and long hours in neighborhoods that we didn't know anything about.  One of my most memorable experiences (considering we were a predominantly all black crew) was when our manager dropped us off in a predominantly white (and racist) neighborhood outside of Miami, FL as punishment for something. I actually cried when I realized I wasn't getting any sales and realized what was going on. However, I was a lucky one. One of our managers overheard me on the phone trying to get back home (with the help of a Jones...who is now a friend in the ministry) and took me to the bus station, bought me a ticket and gave me food money. After reading these accounts on-line I would never recommend this to anyone like I used to.  I often tell people that selling mags was how I learned how to "bullshit" people. This is scam and I don't like scamming people.


i was out selling magazines one day, i was doing really well, it was still early and i already had 8 on the day. I had gotten dropped off in a bad neighborhood and i saw a kid on a bike, the kid asked me what i was doing, i told him and he claimed he wanted to by one, he was getting ready to sign the order phone and he took off with the 300 something dollars tbat i had and all my orders. i started crying, i knew my boss was going to kill me, i saw a man in a truck he stopped me asked me what was wrong and i told him, he said he would help me find him, it was natural for me by this point in my job to get in a car with a sranger, i did. we drove around tried to find this kid and we couldn t find him, i asked him to drop me off and he asked me what he could get for 50 dollars i told him you canm take me to my pick up spot, that was when he grabbed me, i tried to get out of his gri, i opened the door and strated screaming a lady outside heard me scream, i can t even remember how it happened it was all so fast, but i rolled out onto the grasss, i got up shaken and the lady asked me if i was ok i scream bloody murder as i fell to the ground, i wasn t a girl who this kind of thing happens to i thought,how coulkd someone do this to me, i knew my boss wouldn t believe me, the lady called him for me and told him what happened, his response was what do you want me to do about it. the cops came i filed a report and they took me to my motel, i saw him and he immediately started screaming at me, are you stupid how could you let this happen, i couldn t do it anymore, that was when i went home. it happened to me and it could happen to you, their are just as many bad people as their are good in this world, god helped keep me safe, i could have easily lost, i m one of the lucky ones.


Allthough for a young girl I was able to see so many things a KY country girl would've never seen.  However, I also saw an outweighing amount of things that an 18 year old shouldn't have to see or should anyone else of any age.  I experienced both good and bad and the freedom of being on my own was fun until it became reality too fast and then it became overwhelming.  I've seen some disappear and never heard from them again.  You really do not exist when you are with these people.  You are a number, a paycheck, and no matter how much you feel you are "part of the crew".  You are NOT!  Anyone that is a maggie..RUN AWAY!  It will prove to be worth more to go back to the crappy life you ran away from than to die without anyone knowing you are gone.  Just like a gang these crews only have one way out if you get in too deep.  Please!  Get out while you can!  See the world on YOUR terms.  You are the hookers and the Managers or Crew Leaders are your pimps.  GET OUT NOW!!  I give permission for you to use anything or contact me for further questions via email.