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My story is much like all the others. It was 1995, just turned 18 and my girlfriend broke off our relationship. I wanted to leave Austin and go on an adventure. That's exactly what I did. I came across a job in the paper that provided me a way out of town with promises of great money and travel. I met up with a very nice man at a super nice hotel. That's all it took. My bags were packed and I was traveling with this group of teenagers towards El Paso the very next day. Must have piled 12 of us in each van and I wanna say there were 2 vans with trailers hauling luggage. Arrived in El Paso and checked into a fairly decent hotel. The hotel gave us (agents) an entire floor. So take 25 young adults and set us up at a hotel with lots of booze and was, needless to say, alot of fun. That was my 1st day, Sunday (travel day). The good times ended immediately the next day.              

Now over the next 7 days we drank and partied every night but witnessing the way these 2 bosses/managers behaved made me very nervous and really uncomfortable with my well being.

I do not remember the name of the company or anyone's name but I do remember other important details. There was the main boss. He was a white man, mid 40s. He wore gold watch, rings, necklace, etc. Suits with shirt unbuttoned way too low. Real sleazy guy that came right out of a mafia or casino movie. Drove a Lexus and was married to a young stripper looking woman. I beleive they had a baby. The other manager was a medium built hispanic man, maybe mid 30s. He wasn't as flashy as the lead douchbag but I'm sure he wanted to be. He too was married to a white woman and they may have had a child. I gave that description in hopes someone will see this and maybe let me know what happened to those 2 bad men. Pretty sure it's not good.

I wont go into detail about the lifestyle that these travelers have to endure. I watched these 2 cowards belittle and verbally assault these kids over the next few days and I knew I was not going to stay. The next 3 days I thought about home and sleeping on the floor of this hotel room with 4 other people was not cool. 20 bucks a day and a promise of a huge payoff at the end. I was young but not stupid. I knew that this was a bad situation.

He told me that if anytime I wanted to go home a bus fair would be arranged and off I would go. So on the 8th day I told the hispanic guys wife that I wanted to go home. She seemed disappointed, dropped me off at a local outlet mall where I sat for 5 hours or so waiting for the day to be done. When we got back to the hotel she aparently told her husband because he took me for a little walk upstairs towards his room. The whole time he's smiling and trying to convince me to stay. Saying things like, "Don't give up. Your stronger than this. Don't be weak." My mind was made up and there was nothing that he could say or do to change it. I think he understood this. So he resorted to name calling and called me a pu**y. I was naturally offended and instantly fired back with my own insult. I was completely unaware of what was about to happen. He turned towards me and punched me 3 times. Left hook to my chest, right to my back followed by another left to my eye. He grabbed me and ushered me to his hotel room. His wife is freaking out on him saying, " Not again, not again!" He shifted from angry to apologetic in an instant. Pleading with me to not tell, gave me weed and out of fear, I played along. The whole time he's in panic mode thinking about this. Like I can see his mind working. Working on what, I dont know.

To make a long story short, later that night he and the main boss came to my room and said grab your shit. At 1am, I along with the 2 bosses got into his Lexus and left the hotel. I didn't know if it was going to be a bus station or a shallow grave. His behavior earlier made me think he might have previous assault charges and if I opened my mouth he would get in trouble again. So I played it cool. I thought it was strange that both of them took me away. Nothing was said in the car while we drove through El Paso heading towards Juarez. About 20 minutes later we arrived at the bus station, my ticket was purchased and they drove off. My parents were shocked to see me walk in the front door sporting a black eye with a horrible story to tell.

I lasted 8 days. I couldn't imagine what some of the others had to go through with weeks, months or even the entire year. Years later when someone would knock on my door peddling magazines, I'd looked at them with a whole new perspective and would usually engage in a convo about this secret world.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story. I've told my wife this story on several occasions and she thought it was amazing. We had no idea that I was apart of something so big until she stumbled across your site. All the stories are so eerily close to the one I told her all these years. Thanks.



Ok so here’s my story,

I was around 19 years old when I became door to door magazine salesmen. To start off very few people know this story, in fact even my now wife doesn’t even know about this. Anyways I joined because I was depressed and wasn’t having luck with employment all of my friends had real jobs and made good money. I was still bouncing around part time jobs. I saw an ad for “traveling sales”. I had been thinking of leaving my small suburban town I grew up in. I don’t even think I read the whole ad before I called the number. The lady on the phone was super nice and promised the opportunity to travel the country. She did however ask that I leave the very next day. I thought that was odd but didn’t think too much about it. I was living with my father at the time, he was iffy about the job but was the type of man to let me be me and make my own mistakes. He said if ever needed anything to call me. I had my own cell phone at the time.

To understand my situation you have to understand I was in it for the traveling to begin with. I knew this was a sales job, and I could have cared less about the sales. Fortunately I wasn’t one of the kids that joined who was just desperate for anything. I just wanted to get out of the town I was from. My communication skills where already very good, and so was my mind. I knew once they picked me up in a van with packed with kids that seemed unique, that this wasn’t what was advertised. But I was still ok with it. I learned that they set kids up in hotel rooms 4 people to a room. The first thing they did when I got to the hotel was try and size me up. 1 room full of 4 guys, I knew what was going to happen. But I considered myself ahead of the bar both mentally and physically so the leader of the group I was in offered me a drink while they were kind of ruff housing. I was a wrestler for 8 years and wrestled in high school. I knew what he was doing, so when he asked me to wrestle I showed him how much stronger and better of a fighter I was than he was. I found out weeks later he had told the other leaders of the crews how tough I was.

Anyways the sales end of it started the very next morning. My crew leader took me out himself to train me. He seemed to have a respect for me because I was a good fighter. We went door to door and I watched as he gave a different sales pitch at every door. He enjoyed it and was good at it, he had good energy and strong verbal communication skills. He had answers and rebuttals for every kind of denial. We had fun knocking on doors we made fun out of it. But after my training period was over I went on drops by myself. I didn’t sale much, it was because I simply didn’t care if I sold a magazine or not. But I did put some effort as I wanted to get a chance to travel a little while, before they figured me out and fired me. So they had these levels that where basically rookie, agent level, and managers. You had to make so many sales within a week to become an official “agent” someone who was respected by the crew. Out of the 8 months I was on the crew I never made “agent” status . lol I thought it was funny as I had allot of meetings with managers who said “ I had so much potential they could see” really I was just selling enough not to get fired. The money I got was pathetic, I figured out this was a “under the table” operation when I first got hired and we had a meeting in the lobby of the hotel and they handed out these clearly fake W2 forms to all the new kids. So I knew then I wasn’t going to have much control of how much money I make even if I sold good. Which I was right even mag agents never had more money than I did. I thought it was funny they were too stupid to notice this fact.

Most of the kids came from troubled lives and had little education. Allot of them where running from troubled pasts. I think the recruiters prayed on these types of kids. They knew they could take advantage of kids who had nothing to go home to. Anyways the crew I was in wasn’t heavy in to drugs not like other crews I met along the way. There was plenty of drinking but not much more than some cannabis was done on my crew. At least not in my site, I knew some of the guys in my van did other drugs because they talked about it. But again I never saw more than beer and weed. So to make what is a much longer story shorter, my life on the crew wasn’t as bad as some people have had. But again I wasn’t like anyone else on the crew I was on. But still even when I was ready to go home my manager paid for my ticket and dropped me off at the bus station. I had no issues getting home. One time we even stayed at the head manager’s parents’ house. In my time on the crew I did meet other crews. At larger cities we traveled in packs. I could tell they were different the vans they drove where much rougher and the kids where more beat up looking. There was allot of pressure to sell, but it was a sales job so I expected that. I just didn’t let it affect me. I think the managers new I was different and never pushed me too far for some reason. I made almost no money on the job; I came home with maybe $20 cash in my pocket. But I did see the country and have allot of unique experiences. As you can tell my experience was different than others. I would not recommend this job to anyone. It’s dangerous they drop you off in some very bad neighborhoods. They don’t care about your safety in the least bit. They only care that you make them money. I think I was lucky, I think had I been on a different crew my story would be different. But still by no way would I tell anyone to take this job. Sometimes I wonder what the guys on my crew are up to new days. I miss them, they may have made mistakes and lived different lives but they were young and only did what they knew how. They all had potential if they would of received better education and guidance.



It's been 16 years since I left a Mag crew in Seattle and I see it's still the same. At that time I was in a bad place.

I called a number in the back of a newspaper and they sent me a bus ticket to Indianapolis. Within 6 months I had made it to sea. 6 days 12 to 14 hours for less than $10 a day. Sleeping in hotels with 4 other people you don't know. Lonely for home I got with a guy I liked. Needless to say he threw me to the curb. I left and went home before I could tell them I was pregnant. My son is 16 now and will never know his biological father. I have a husband who has been with him since day one.

These crews force you to do anything for your quota. You are brainwashed every morning at a meeting or ridiculed if you're not making your quota. You depend on them for survival.

Get out. There's no future. Go to school, job corp. I work at Walmart now. They will hire you and help you get a GED. You will see the world. Just the right way. God bless



Me and my 2 gfs joined, we got crabs from the bathrooms of some hotel.

I hit my quota and they offered me a chance to double it or lose it, I think it was a roll of the dice, TG I doubled!

The managers were nice to me. Never had a day off. Sundays were are days off, and Sundays were the days we'd pack n leave to another city. It was rough. Didn't make much money but they paid for my ticket home, 2 days on a bus from Chicago to Philly. One day traveling , the driver fell asleep at the wheel , we fell in the ditch, no one was hurt.



To make it short. I was bouncing around house to house with friends before I joined crew. I was in bad shape, and I needed change. When this kid knocked on my door, he gave me a speech about winning a contest, I asked to join the deal. Few hours later, I got crammed into a 4 person car with 6 inside. I didn't care, I just wanted to run and be free.

First place I stayed was Florida. These people on the crew were lewd and perverted. A lot of croons and ex cons; perverts and moms brought their young kids too. Some days were hang out pay days, others were sleep on the floor.

Girls had it a tad easier, but not all the time. During my time as an agent, I was wasted a lot. Arrested. Went to jail several times and even lost my liscense.

If you think that's bad, I can tell you this:

people that are yours peers in that life are dangerous. I got my ass beat. I got raped and never said a word. I was afraid. After two crews, my last one made up my mind. Fucking your boss was the best way to stay out of trouble, unless you didn't sell. I'm disgusted with who I was then. Only cool thang about magazines was the new places.

When I said I wanted to leave, after a few months of the latest group, everyone tried to talk me out of it. Got raped, stomped on and heartbroken.

I got stranded at a bus station with a ticket and $25 cause someone stole from me. I got so sick and cold on that two day trip from Oklahoma to Florida. The folks that I was with when I left, they came for me. Fed me.

Nowadays, I'm engaged. I have a house, paid in full. Two full time jobs and two cars. 24 and only smoking weed isn't too bad. I can tell you this, I hate magazines.

End of the story, and yeah. Include this to your collection.

One more thing; it's even scarier when those people find themselves in your town.


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