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I worked for the company for two years - mostly due to them never letting me sell in the state I lived or joined in. The company has changed their name twice - three times while I was with them- so I'm constantly wary.

I was conned into joining by a junior manager, who promised me quite a bit - including good money and the promise that I could leave any time I felt uncomfortable. He continuously said it was like a big family.

Boy was that a stretch.

I watched my trainer steal money and valuables from whatever 'jones' had let us in. She urinated on lawns, started five fights, lied to and even slept with a few potential subscribers.

The second junior manager pelted us with BB's and wouldn't hesitate to get violent if he thought you were in the wrong.

We were very lucky if we spent less than 13 hours on territory - getting up at or around 6am, and not returning until after midnight, only to stay up for hours after that for whatever reason.

I was a 'low-ball' meaning, I guess, that I was free game when it came to verbal and physical abuse.

For Christmas, we had to buy everyone gifts -with money we earned that day. I spent the month after having to ask for food from the 'jones'', because my manager said I owed him over 100$. I lost 80lbs in that month alone.

While I was a part of the crew, I was molested constantly and raped while out on the streets -my manager did nothing, and wouldn't let me go home -saying it was an occupational hazard.

We went state to state, but I was never allowed to sell magazines in my home state, nor in the state I started.

It took until I was moved to a different crew that I was allowed to go home.

I still get phone calls asking where I am and I know it's from my first manager -my second manager was lovely to me- and I'm always scared they will find me.



I was sitting at McDonalds filling out a food stamp application when an attractive young man walked up randomly and sat down across the table. He asked me if I what I was doing and then took away my application. He told me I didn't need it that I could make money working selling books door to door. I had just lost my job, my apartment and on top of everything I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant. The money sounded good so I said I would ride with them to Corpus. They loaded up my one bag and we left. Within the year that followed I worked for several different companies. Bought and sold like a slave. I was pimped out to joneses, beaten and raped repeatedly while pregnant, I was stranded in Nashville, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Ohio, I was arrested multiple times and left in jail for days. Until I finally found a good crew where I was treated right, and paid correctly, and taken care of. I loved that crew and still do consider them family. But it was a long hard road there, I was in a car wreck that sent my daughter and I home with me barely able to walk, and permanently disabled, because the driver was huffing duster and passed out. We rolled the suburban 9 times and I was thrown 200 ft. my back was broken, 6 ribs, my shoulder, my hip and my ankle were broken. It's a hard life and not for everyone. It’s not a job. It’s a way of life, and if u let things get to you easily you won't last, I would not recommend this lifestyle for anyone trying to get their life right and settle down. It’s a hard life, and while u can make money with it, but is it really worth the drama, STDs, drugs, and abuse u go through to get to the top and be somebody? I would say no. now imp happily home with my now almost 1 year old daughter and a loving husband who left mag crew with me. Once a mag agent always a mag agent though, I still miss it but I wouldn’t trade my safe and secure life as a Jones for anything.



It was a week before I turned 21 and I had just quit my first job at an auto parts store.

I saw an ad in the paper along the same lines as many others posted here. Fun! Travel! Money!

I decided to call and basically the only thing they wanted to know was how fast I could get to the hotel on the other side of town as they were leaving town the next day.

The next morning I had a friend drive me there and take my car back to his place, leaving myself at the mercy of the "crew".

I was loaded into a Dodge passenger van with 11 other people and we headed for Delaware. The driver was telling everyone to look out for police as his license "might" be revoked. After a stressful 12 hours we pulled into a cheap hotel in Dover.

I was told that night I would get a bed but after that the lowest seller has to sleep on the floor. Not a very attractive proposition.

The next morning we were up at 6 and were told to eat at the "continental breakfast" at the hotel. By the time everyone had shoved and fought for everything I ended up with an orange for breakfast.

I was told I would be training for half the day and then on my own. As soon as the first door opened and he began his pitch I knew it was a scam. He was telling one customer we were earning points for a scholarship and another that we were trying to collect enough money to earn a trip for our class.

It was noon and the trainer still had not made a sale but told me that I got the point and they dropped me off.

I never knocked on the first door. I had realized I made a mistake and this was not the place for me.

The saving grace for me was the fact that I had been saving a little while at my other job. I was able to call a cab and get to the bus station, buy my own ticket and get home as well as eat.

The people running these scams are master manipulators. They are looking for people down on their luck and with few



I found the job on Craigslist was very excited because came from very low income living. It was rough for me growing up but I was the only one who did not have kids at my age, when I got to New York. I noticed I was the only black girl on crew so far. Only black person period. I quickly had to adjust myself to the word nigger being used a lot.

A few weeks went by and another black girl joined, I was able to express to her how I did not appreciate the way the word nigger was used as well as their way of pushing us to do better if we did not make any sales we were left out of events, belittled and forced to sit in the trunk of the company expo with 5/6 other people.

While on this journey, I was arrested in a state for soliciting without a permit, I had to sit in a holding cell for 18 hrs , I now will have a warrant if I can't pay the fine or show up to court in a state that is hundreds of miles away from me.

I also have dealt with a lot of racist people while knocking doors. I have had guns pulled on me and dogs sicked on me and was told by my manager to suck it up. I was rushed to the hospital one day while at a door and my manager told me it was not that serious. I had a death in my family and was also told family is not making us money so stop letting them make us lose focus. We were made to walk in the rain in below 30 weather.

I became best friends with the black girl that was there and one day she decided to quit, was made to stay at the bus stop even after closing hrs . Me being a good friend I hung out with her the whole night.

The next morning I woke up to my cell phone missing and my blacker was snatched off my body by my manager, he had went through my phone while I was sleep and noticed I hung out with the girl who quit a day before. I was told to leave, my property was thrown out and I was called ghetto the b word and plenty niggers . I called my mother off the hotel phone and the phone cord was snatched out the wall. My mother, who I still have yet to see was called and told I was on a bus headed home inferring that my ticket was purchased.

I got to the bus station and my friend who quit was still at the station. While waiting on our bus we were sent scary messages making us both scared. She missed her bus to stay and talk to police who were no help. We begged and pleaded for our bus to be scheduled at the same time. It was granted. I now am with my family who missed bills to get me somewhere safe. I still get threatening comments on my social networks about my phone being stolen, about them having my address and info in my phone.

This story can be shared. I do not want anyone to ever think this job is a great idea. I will be paying for this for a long time.



I was at a point in my life where everything was negative. Had been without a job for over a year, no money in my pocket, no where to live, a bunch of negativity and drama in my life.

I went to visit a friend who had previously been a mag agent for five years. We began talking about the downward spiral my life was taking and I told her I just needed a job, needed to get out of Ohio. She began telling me about Mag Crew. I told her I was interested and ready. That exact moment she emailed her previous manager and he called me within minutes. Within the next 48 hours I was on a bus headed to New York City.

From the moment I landed I was scared, had never previously been out of Ohio and arrived in Time Square at 5:45 am, it was a culture shock. My manager, by phone, told me to walk to Penn Station and catch the train to Deer Park, where he would pick me up. I was alone, with a lot of luggage, unfamiliar and terrified. However, I made it to the Penn Station, to Deer Park and to my managers car.

As soon as I got in the car, he handed me a joint, I took it, we smoked it and he began telling me about the job. When I started I was very shy, very inverted. When I began making sales, my spill contained a lot of truth about me and how this was helping me to get over my shyness and fears of talking to people. None of the Jones' ever believed I was shy when beginning the 'contest'.

Before I started writing business, my manager told me that he usually has to break down a female agent and maker her cry. I laughed this off, I told him I'm a pretty tough cookie and good luck with that. Two days later, I had one sale on the day. When I entered the office to check in, he already knew, asked me what I had and I told him. He started tearing into me before I could tell him that tomorrow would be different (this is my first week on the job). He began by saying he was a Mag Crew manager for many reasons, beginning with the fact that he has no kids and no girlfriend/wife because he takes care of no bitches and he wasn't going to start with me. Following that he said, maybe this job wasn't for me and threatened me with a discontinuance, as well as reminding me he is the only man I should fear and closed with telling me that D (another kid on my crew) had more sales on the day than me and he has an IQ of 68.

So after insulting me to the fullest extent he told me to get out. All the while you have to smile or you get hit harder with the insults. He broke me down this night I cried like I had never cried before. The next day I had my high day, with $238 in production. My manager praised me like I was a god, instantly brainwashing me to always write business. The day after I had my new high day, doubled my sales and had $307 in production and a new high drop.

I had good days and bad days. When good, you are praised, you call the shots, when bad, you are treated like dirt, you don't get lunch.

After 30 days I told my manager I was ready to go home, I initially told him on a Sunday because that was our only day off. He was no where to be found, I told him I absolutely needed to talk to him before Monday morning. Monday morning, ten minutes before having to start work, he got back to the hotel. I told him I was ready to go back home, again. (He talked me out of it the first time) He tried talking me out of it a second time but I was set, I did not like the way everything was based around sales, their motivation techniques were..intense and I don't find confort in being treated like shit. Money is not everything, where I came from and on Mag Crew, money rules everything.

Manager dropped me off at a bus station, without a ticket, without a discontinuance, and a station, none the less, that closed at 9 pm. This happened in Colorado Springs, also where I knew not a sole. I did not get a bus ticket until 24 hours later. I had to ask someone I had met to spend the night so I didn't have to sleep outside the bus station. Thankfully the man I met did not rape and kill me, but actually let me sleep and drove me back to the bus station the next morning.

My manager finally bought my ticket, later informing me that he wanted me to sit there and change my mind about leaving. Little did he know, his treatment made me even more determined to get home.

Mag Crew did teach me to break my shell, initiate and hold a conversatiton and get what I want. I did have fun, and I did see some very neat things/places. But overall, I recommend staying home. I will never refer a friend like my "friend" did.


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