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Well my name it mike I was 18 yrs, I was throwing the football outside of my house with y best friend , and a guy is walking around going door to door and he asked if we wanted to travel for free ? And we replied and said HELL YEAH !

Immediately got us recruited garenteed us a $500 paid training we never got, I hated it as soon as my training period was over, door to door wasn't me but I had to learn in order to eat. I had alot of good days in sales but I still wasn't paid or then cuz gas fees hotel fees supplies fees and more! So stupid...we travel from VA all the way to NM,TX,TN & Colorado ....then we jumped to Kansas . I hated tracking period in a old Chevy suburban.

At that point I was sick and tired of $20 a day and when selling only 1 u get 5 bucks ..u got nothing when u blanked and I hated how trapped I felt ...there was a time I was so hungry and starved I begged the crew leader for five dollars for dinner even though I blanked and he told me no because I blanked on sales for that day, so I had to starve. Winded up passing out in McDonalds bathroom ...I woke right back up and felt completly abused at that point (at least a dollar for a bag of chips so I can eat something but NOpE) and they woke us up so damn early & I got so sick of waking up singing bullshit crew songs at 6:00am. It was something I wish I never got into ..when we jumped states , we had to move all the managers shit in the trailer as the manager watched!!! All they did was smoke weed and be proud to scam ppl.

So we are in Kansas, We are working crack head neighborhoods (ghetto) . So I got sick of the life of a mag agent and cheering bullshit songs & starving when I blank or only have 1 (never had my quota) I told my manager im out that I hated this & he told me that he was sorry I felt that way that he would take me to a bus station and send me home. Little did I know he was about to leave me stranded. He dropped me off and as I turn my head to see if he gets out to buy my ticket and he doesn't ...he speeds off and I am by myself with my friend in Kansas from VA. We was stranded with no Food or water or anything . I didn't know anyone at all. We had started walking to the homeless shelter called "the mission" and it stunk so bad in there I couldn't even sleep there . So we are still walking (for days) and I finally check my Facebook from some random guys phone and my family had no clue I was stranded. So I called my mother...she couldn't buy my ticket cuz she's struggling to keep a roof over her head so I'm left stuck & hungry and tired .... So my friend talked a lady into buying us a night at a hotel and she did. We thought things over threw the night and I got a FB message from a friend I haven't seen in YEARS (7) ....he's in the military and was stationed in Topeka Kansas. And he was scheduled for vacation he was gunna be going to VA in a couple days . That he would take us!!! I was happy as ever...BUT he wasn't leaving for VA until Friday ....& it was Wednesday at the time. So I had to struggle & starve for days until he took us back to VA. I advise that no one ever join a mag crew cuz you will be f$#@ed .



I was leaving my best friends house and immediately greeted by around 6 people in a green 94 suburban with Colorado plates.

I started in march of 2013 cuz at the time I was homeless and looking for a job since December with no luck and it sounded great, travel the country and get paid to do it, they partied with a famous rapper and actually owned a house next to his. The owner was a billionaire and they said they only smoked weed and drank nothing hard so I was cool with that.

I joined and after the three day training period I was on my own making $20 minimum every night for the first two weeks. We went from Arizona to Texas and I realized everyone does meth or heroin and I tried smack for the first time haven't touched it since but I have been arrested in Arkansas for soliciting without a permit.

In Tennessee I joined a small developing crew with the guy that trained me (he is a heroin addict who was dishonorably discharged and spent 3 years in prison) and I was the first member on the crew. One night he beats my ass while he is on heroin because I had tripple c's on me (seems hypocritical) and a couple days later I get falsely accused of training a newbie to take donations (which is worthy of prison time for fraud) and get my ass beat and subsequently fired. They bought me a ticket home didn't pay for my extra bags and got me to the gracie (greyhound) 30 min after the bus left. If it wasn't for the nice lady behind the counter, I would be stranded in Tennessee cuz they made me miss the bus and didn't pay for the other $60 my bags would have cost.

Now I have a job and am living with my parents again in South Carolina - no longer a homeless addict. I'm clean and turning my life around and as much as people want to say they are frauds - the magazines do come in because I sent some to my house and I get them monthly. Company just runs the business horribly.



I started with this particular sales company because I liked the idea of becoming a part of something that would allow me the opportunity to excel in the business of sales. I was happy at the fact that I would be traveling as well. The thing is., it wasn't what it was cracked out to be. When I arrived the paid training rate change, it wasn’t a five hundred dollar sign on bonus It was later told to me that the money from the sign on bonus was used for any cancelation and boarding that I may incur until I got the business down. Although if I didn't the business down I would then be terminated and might get sent home and they would provide a ticket, if I last it longer than 60 days. So much for the two weeks which they told me on the phone was the minimum requirement. They gave me little money to eat I had to worry about my belongings being stolen do to the fact that I had a roommate. It dawned on me that this was slavery I was in a very oppressive situation with little to no money and barely making it when it came to food.

I only stayed on as long as I did just o get in a city I was a little comfortable with and one day on territory I never came back. I been sleeping in shelters out her, finally found a clothing closet thank god for carrying me to this sight if anybody actually read this... I just hopes this story helps enlighten your views on this particular path, and two to hopefully give some sort of inspiration to help all of us that away from our families and love ones, sustain are position in new cities that all be bless and driven. PEACE



I first heard of mag crew in walmart in my small home town. The guy i spoke with made it sound fabulous. He told me i had the chance to earn "a grip of money" who wouldnt want that?

The first week was just as he had promised, fun every night, super nice people, and money at the end of every day. About the second week, i was hearing about girls getting hit at the hotel and people doing hard drugs behind closed doors. Towards the end of the second week I had the chance to go to california. I took the opportunity and spent my earned money, with promises of repayment, on a bus ticket. 12 hours later i was in sunny california with all new people and no money.

Every night after that was a struggle. I never had enough money and I started to see that we were earning our money on a scam. My cell phone broke and I had no way of contacting my family as I was always out on T with my managers girlfriend. Towards the 5th and 6th weeks I was on crew, i became sick of selling magazines and making money for everyone but me. I asked my manager to send me home. He told me to give him a day.

The next day he told me to try it again and i was put to work. At that point i was so sick of them, i just went and layed in the sunshine untill pick up time. The day after that I stayed in the motel after everyone left and i called my mom and she bought me a ticket. The only problem was getting to the bus station.

At that point my manager told me he wouldnt help me any longer. So I went upstairs to the room of the owner of our company. I asked his gf for a ride, and she agreed.

As i went to get my stuff, the owner of the company and a senior manager came around the corner. They asked me where i was going and i told them home. The senior manager with the owner told me to give him a hug goodbye and because i knew it was easier then saying no i went in for a side hug. At that point i only weighed about 110 and being a well fed, well paid manager, he weighed at least twice that so when i went for the side hug, he grabbed me in a bear hug and hung me over the balcony. The owner of the company, seeing this, came over. I was upside down and hanging two stories over a concrete sidewalk, and i thought he would surely help. Instead he lifted up my shirt and held my hands while the senior manager gave me a "pink belly". I was so degraded and humiliated.

I wouldn't wish my worst enemey to be on a crew.



My sister and I saw the newspaper ad promising travel and making good money. We were let out of the van in seedy neighborhoods. We sold no magazines. So, we were being charged for our hotel and our meals... since we didn't make enough to cover those things. We started hearing a story from several "members" about a girl who wanted to leave but wasn't allowed to. Then the girl disappeared. After hearing this story several times, my sister and I made a sneaky plan to use a phone and call home for someone to come 4 hrs. to pick us up. The 'owner' was very nasty looking and in a wheelchair, which we thought may be fake. We were taught to lie in order to make a sale. I can't even imagine what our group must've looked like to passersby. I mainly remember my sister and I feeling very scared and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I had no idea these groups were still around.


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