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Hello I am happy to see you have this site out there to educated people of the dangers of sales crews. I was part of a traveling sales crew that went to Wisconsin this past summer. I had just recently moved to Texas to start a new life after living in Tennessee for a while and missing my friends who I had met after previous living in Texas. I got an offer from a friend to work selling satellite television door to door. I had been looking for a job for months at the time and had given up. I saw this as an easy way to make some money and gain some skills.

When we arrived in Wisconsin everything seemed normal. I assumed everything would be fine. I was wrong. I was 27 when I went to this sales crew. Easily the oldest agent aside from our manager. Within the first few days one of the 18 year old kids had gotten alcohol poisoning. Our manager was an alcoholic and had no problem encouraging the younger ones to drink as heavily as he did. As result of this a lot of problem happened in the apartments we were put up in. Fights, police complaints and a lot of damaged property.

After a while of selling door to door I started to notice that we were being harassed an awful lot by the police in the various towns we went to. We were told that we were properly registered with the state to do business as a traveling sales crew in that state. Something did not feel right. I had looked up on the internet regarding traveling sales crews in Wisconsin and found the details of Malinda's act. Regarding the regulation of traveling sales crews in the state of Wisconsin. I found out there were many regulations that the company I was working for were not following. We were supposed to be treated as employee's not independent contractors according to the law. Each vehicle was supposed to be inspected for safety if the crew would be using it. Also we were supposed to be registered with the state. I contacted Department Of Workforce Development to check to see if we were properly registered. We were not. I then informed the VP of sales of the company of these violations and I was refusing to break the law any longer since each day I was at risk of going to jail for doing what they told me. I contacted the VP of sales of the company in question and told him what was going on and I did not want to work until we were properly registered with the state and so on. I was then told I would need to leave the apartment I was staying in by 5PM that night knowing I had no place to go. I was planning on leaving the next day. By law I was supposed to receive means to get home. I was not. I lost 2 months of my life on that sales crew for what I thought would be a great experience. I ended up drinking after 3 and a half years sober partially due to the culture of drinking that was around me. Thankfully I am now back home and have a job doing something I love with a real bright future in front of me. I tried to pursue legal action against this company but I could not afford the costs and honestly no lawyer thought I had a chance at anything. I just wanted to make them pay for doing business shadily.



My worst memory from Mag Crew was a rainy night in Florida, the streets were flooding and I didn't have a jacket or an umbrella. People were looking at me like I was a crazy person, wet and knocking on their door in the dark with no shoes because the water had ruined them.

When I got in that night to check in I asked my boss if I could have money to buy shoes, knowing that I didn't meet my quota. He brushed my shoulder and said I can help you with anything you want, if you want the help and looked down at my chest then leaned back. I got up and walked out of the room and went to my room and cried, thinking what am I in?! I knew that this was a solicitation for sex.

Ladies please be aware that this is wrong. No man, boss or stranger, should ever solicited you with money for sex.



I was on the floor board of that van. Got locked up in D.C. for material witness. Was put in 4 star hotel in Janesville by commissioner, detective and sheriff of Rock County. I woke upon at the scene and every where I looked were lumps. Nobody else would move. Walked up to Nicole and she was laying on her back with puddle of blood under her head. I don't know how I made it or why I am alive but none of my friends should be gone today. I had to do video deposition, which frightened the heck out of me. I'm in constant pain and suffer from PTSD and anxiety from this. Never fought it tho and I was receiving 1.25 checks. I told them to stop sending that is ridiculous. 1700 in 1.25 increments, just keep it.



I was freshly 18 and thought it would be great for my boyfriend and I to get out of our little town and do this job. Filled out the apps and then we had bus tickets.

Rode a bus for 5+hours and then we had to wait for another hour or so until they picked us up. The day after we were separated and all the girls went to another town for 4 days I learned how to con people and we ended up being told to leave the city we were in. Things between my bf and I were getting bad because we couldn't see each other, everyone did drugs and would drink every night. Saw one crew member hooked on cough sryup. I wasn't making my quotas I would get doors slammed in my face, I remember my breaking point was sitting on a curb crying my eyes out writing up a slip for a mag to send to my sister so I could get my sales for the day.

I had it I told my bf I was going home.

They got me a ticket and I called my mom she told me to cancel my ticket and she would get me at this point I was 4 hours from her. Best thing I did. I ended up leaving with the money they spent on my ticket. Two weeks later my bf came home too. People ask me what my worst job has been I say this one.



I joined a crew that knocked on my door than started traveling around the country getting warrants in almost every state.  I went in and was manipulated into staying by getting told they care when really all they wanted was to use me to gain some money in their pocket so I hope noone will have to deal with the kind of mental and pshycological abuse I did.


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