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Back home in TN, thanks to my caring & wonderful family.

story: "Play in Vegas, Hang in LA, Jet to New York!" or "LIVE, WORK, PARTY, PLAY" Hiring 18-24 girls/guys. $400-$800 weekly. Paid expenses. Signing Bonus. Sound familiar?

Well, before you go to pack your belongings to head off for a rock 'n' roll atmosphere, blues jeans & tee-shirt, fun in the sun travel job - PLEASE READ THIS. First of all,  if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. The qutoes above are examples of the catch phrases traveling sales crews use in their classified ads that are often posted in local newspapers & the internet to lure young adults into this deceptive, shady, & deplorable world.

This is my story about the absolute HORRORS of being out on the road with such a crew. In the Summer of 2011, after months of travel & continuuous fun in the sun, I decided to get back to work so I decided to reply to a classified ad in my local paper promising travel & unlimited earnings potential. I was hired after the initial phone call then asked to join the crew in Youngstown/E. Liverpool, OH area to begin this new chapter in my life. As soon as reached the Motor Lodge in E. Liverpool, OH the reality of what was to come was abundently clear. I met the bosses, 2 of the most egotistical & tyranical people you will ever meet in your life. They were verbally abusive to every agent that entered the room for thier nightly draw, it didn't matter if it was your 1st day & you only sold 1 magazine or you were a seasoned professional with 10 or more sales on the day.

This is the 1st time I saw how the money moves within the group. One is made to believe that most everyone who is on crew that has been there for any amount of time is making $100 or more a night, the reality is people are given $20 a night with the occasional $20 bonus. The rest of the money goes toward your "books" a/k/a the bosses pocket. That's it $20 for a 12 hour day in whatever weather mother earth tosses at you. OK, what about that $500 sign-on bonus I was promised? The truth is the $500 bonus doesn't exist either, it goes on your "book" after 30-45 days. If you make it far enough to request the bonus, your boss will do a quick accounting of what you think you are owed & he will show you how nightly draws then room & board are deducted from this figure; then if you are lucky enough to have any money remaining then you will be told it needs to be held for whenever you decide to go home or go on vacation to pay for your Greyhound ticket. Presto!, your broke & living day to day.

Typical day goes like this: Up at 8am, 9am Pitch meeting to refine your sales/door talk, 10am Daily expectations & Van/car assignment, Lunch whenever car handler decides, 10-11pm Back to Motel for Check-in & nightly draw. So much for all that sight seeing you had planned on before you joined the crew. Traveling with the crew is not much different than operations in the motel. Verbal abuse & physical assault are a daily occurances. if you fail to perform on a drop, or on "T", then you will be surely subjected to verbal abuse if not physically assaulted. If you decide to stick-up for yourself against one of these abusive "car handlers" then you put youself at risk of being stranded in a town far from where you are staying & even farther from home. If you are lucky enough to make it back to the motel then you must live with the fear that you will be jumped by a mob, taken to a hospital, then stranded. I've seen the beetings & learned of beating so severe that people are now permanently brain damaged. Most of the "car handlers" do not have a drivers license nor do the vast majority of people on crew for that matter. Getting into a car or van with these people is literally taking your life in your own hands because they often drive recklessly & without regard for others on the road, don't believe me take a good look at the vehicles used & they will tell a tale of near fatal accidents and all around hooliganism from the road. Hit & runs, reckless driving, & property damage are all just daliy realities for the traveling sales crew.

Now that I have talked about the job, let me talk about what goes on at the motel. Rooms in these often cheap motels are typically divided among 3-4 people with low performers sleeping on the floor. So, if you think you are going to be put-up in the Hilton, Wynn, or the like then think again. You'll be lucky if you stay in a Red Roof Inn. After Check-in & Nightly draws people usually either pair off (indiscrimate sexual encounters) or group up to use drugs/alchohol to who knows when. The guy to girl ratio is about 75% guys to 25% girls, the short supply of girls means high demand for thir attention which is typically dominated by bosses, managers, and car handlers. When sexual relationships among agents are discovered they are quickly dismantled by managers &/or bosses with the end result being 1 of those agents being sent home. Women who by chance get pregnant are subjected to thier own kind of mental anguish. Women/girls who become pregnant while on the road must either choose to have an ABORTION or be sent home. I know of at least 1 girl who was abandoned in the midddle of nowhere 4 months pregnant with no money or means to get back home.

This is only the beginning of sexual exploitation women must endure while on a traveling sales crew. Many women on crew are subjected to constant sexual harrassment, sexual assault, & even rape. Women who are trapped in this world often trade sexual favors to secure sales from both the crew & the community, this is a psyudo-form of prostitution used as a means of survival for these girls.

Now for the most dispicable part of this whole operation, the magazine sales. Door to Door Magazine sales is FRAUD BY DECEPTION. Guys & girls are out these claiming they are competing for college scholarships, semesters at sea, & business grants just to name a few. These people are also claiming that these magazines are going to VA Hospitals, Military outfits in Afganastan & Iraq, & Children's hospitals. All of these claims are grossly untrue & are ment to decieve people who don't want magazines for any reason. The best thing for any person who answers the door to do is ask for a persons permit, which they will never have, and contact the local police to report illegal soliciting practice. The magazines are overpriced & more often than not they do not reach the purchaser or who the magazine is intended for. If you pay with cash you have been officially "slapped" as they call it in the business, you will never see your magazine nor will whomever you decided to donate a magazine to either. If you pay with a check, you put yourself at risk for identity theft. Peoples names, addresses, phone numbers, & routing numbers are sold to foreign identity thieves, clearing houses who wish to send mailers, &  telemarketing firms. The group I was with was based in E. Liverpool, OH at the Motor Lodge & is likely jumping to Pittsburgh, PA if they are not their already. They have plans to move toward New Jersey in the next couple of weeks, & they also have plans on being in Florida during the month of December. Don't be a victim report anyone without a permit to the proper authorities immediately. These traveling sales crews are ripe with thieves who wish to conduct home invasions & steal from any unexpecting person who invites one of these rogue agents into their home.



I worked on a magcrew I started in boston 2005 it was cool at first lots of girls drinking sex but the managers slave you and they are racist I witnessed them calling this other black kid nigger and that was enough for me.. I mean I'm no punk but when shit got real they would jump someone in a heart beat so I took my ass back to NY - sucked to cause I met this girl there - she was from Boston and I wanted to bring her with me.  If your out there M from B town get at me.



I’m back home - 4 years ago I was left in Nevada jail.

My story is 100 percent real about me and my best friend at the time brad. 2008 we lived in glens falls new york just below lake george. we saw the number in the paper and decided screw it we'll go. call the number that they tell us we need to board a grey hound and go to Shreveport Louisiana. so they next morning went to the local bus station called the manager (douche bag) he gave the lady over the counter the code for our ticket and so we waited. then at about 12 hour bus came at the time we left his (brad) car with a friend.

Our plan was to work for them n travel the country. Not a good idea. So our bus has to go to Cincinnati, Ohio then down. Well, in cinci I got in trouble at the bus stop so I got arrested. no biggie jails cake. Next day I’m out brad left on his bus I call the number and boom now I am on my way once again so after a long bus ride we arrive shit down there was crazy. Nothing was legit we trained there for 2 days and learned how to trick people into buying mags and get them to donate money if they did want to buy any. we were taught to scam. we pile into a small as explorer 9 of us and then only 4 in his brand new BMW. We thought what ever were gonna make bank. So we get to San Antonio TX and we are givin routes to walk around and knock me and brad got a buddy to watch us. It was all bull shit stories I went as far as telling people I was doing for troops across seas or I was from a church group called bbc we wont go there though I’ll pay for it some day.

In my head I knew it was wrong but hey what are you going to do when your that far from home 18 and scared. you do what you have to survive. so at the end of our week we would get paid but we found out we got paid like Mexicans no offense. Measly 70 bucks and I sold 238 mags subscriptions my first week. he took out for motel food and the bus ticket down. boy did I feel dumb.

Oh the best part is 1 bed in a room and 3 people 2 on the floor and 1 on the bed if you had the highest sales then u got a bed in that group. Yea we were dumb I picked up a big drinking habit drinking night to deal with what I was doing. (also dumb).

Well next we went to yuma az we went kinda with the weather not fun always 90 degrees always hot. So in Yuma I get arrested for not having a permit to sell so its misdemeanor they let me out in 6 hours and the boss makes us dip out. Went to a couple small towns outside Phoenix. Then to Cali not upper good Cali bottom Cali. he was zigg zagging cuz of the heat a couple of our girls in our group had gotten arrested. We left them. That’s when it hit me this could happen to us (me and brad). So we go to Cali border patrol picks me up I have no id on me that was one rule no id while walking leave it in hotel. So they nab me ask me questions I’m dumb I decide to run bad move they have tasers. Long story short I was in border patrol jail for 2 days I got lucky and they waited because brad refused to leave.

So now its mass time bout 3 days before mass we arrive at kinsman Nevada I believe. We stayed in the Colorado belle it’s about casino on the river I believe. We were too young to b on the floor so we had to stay in the motel rooms me and 5 others. Nice way to spend your holiday right. I was pissed. So it is now xmas we are forced to go out at least until noon. Bad idea I was the first one dropped off and I was arrested before the pick up vehicle could leave the circle I was in. (I believe it a cull-de-sack or something with a straight road to a circle). So they book me. xmas I’m in jail. Me and about 50 others. I get out the next day go to the hotel use my key it doesn’t work. I go down to desk my party had checked out. Oh shit I panic she lets me use her phone I call my rents they send me money and that’s another story. But I would love to go further in depth in the story if you would like me to I left my email. Those people are unreal I can’t believe there are people out there who let you just come in or write you a check after 2 mins of knowing you. And if this website is associated wit these scams I dare you to come to my town. And for that boss who left me and brad who I barely see now. The mag scam ruined my life.

Oh and yes u can use this story as I TM pass on another story I’m sure there are 1000 of kids who have went through and if you’re out then you made it!



I traveled with a crew that I was recruited for in Colorado. It was a life-changing experience. When I joke about it I use the term "traveling mafia." At one point my friend that I worked with convinced me to change crews with her. She said it was more money and better bosses. She also had a crush on someone that had switched crews earlier. We had to sneek out in the middle of the night. We did, and I got my first real high day thanks to a kid named Nick. Well, about 2 weeks into the switch, we realised we had been followed. The previous crew leader had sent his managers with guns to go and retrieve his money...a.k.a, us. They told me they would kill the manager we were with if at least one of us didn't go with them. I was so scared, that I  actually went with them. My friend that I ran away with accused me of setting the whole thing us. She was wrong, but she probably still believes it to this day. I ended us getting into two near death car accidents, while in the passenger seat. I actually shattered a wind-shield with my head in one. I suffered permenant brain damage, not severe, but my memory is affected. I left after making contact with my parents that I haden't spoken to the entire time I was gone. They got me a plane ticket and I left after pretending that I was going to stay in the hotel because I was sick. I snuck out in broad daylight. I just wanted to be a "Jones" again. I was never given my money or that year of my life back, but I learned that there are many simple things in life to apreciate.


I started mag crew in feb 2007 it was the biggest mistake I ever made looking back at it. I was promised so many things none of them were true. These mag crews exploit and take advantage of young people and pay them peanuts for the owner to get fat while the little man starves. I am begging for the US Government to get involved someone needs to take up for us I got the job thru a newspaper ad thinking it would be legitimate, however it was phony.

Mag crew drove me crazy. Thanks to my counselor and my therapist I am healed.

I was so brainwashed believing that I was doing a right thing by taking peoples money and they would not receive a magazine.  I got real close to the people I sold to because of my personality and we would exchange numbers and I still get calls that no one sent them anything. Please someone step in to put an end to mag crews I read online about a nasty wreck in Utah three kids died and they had eleven passengers that sucks.  Thank God I got out when I did. Thank you lord for guiding me in the right direction I wasted a lot of time traveling that I can't get back all I can do is try to save the next person.


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