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I have been out of that horrible intrapment for 4 years now

story: I was 18 when I saw the ad about having fun in the sun and traveling for free.  I called and within two days I was on my way to meet up with the crew in Tn.  Once I arrived at the bus station, I was picked up and taken back to the hotel.  Since the crew had already left for the day, I was left in a room for 6 hours.  Finally the manager called my room and told me "Hey beautlful, get ready I want to take you out to dinner." At 18, I was flattered and ready to get out of the hotel room.  Once at dinner, the manager and his girlfriend went on and on about how great the magcrew life was.

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Ok so I was a dumb 18 year old kid getting in a lot of trouble trying to find a way to "escape".

Well that dream came true with a knock on the door and a nice, young, cute girl came talking about Cancun and 1000 bucks and all I had to do was buy a magazine to help out. Well, no money so i couldn't buy it, but she did offer me a job which i thought was pretty weird. All I had to do was walk around all day and sell magazines door-to-door and I would get paid cash everynight and a constant party.  Now a person at the age of 18 thinks this is an awesome idea so I took the job. Little did I know I was in for a ride.

My first day I walked around with this guy named Antonio and showed me the ways of "speiling" people into buying a magazine and all I needed to have was a winning attitude. I did that for about 2 weeks then finally got out on my own. Now I am not going to lie i wasn't good at this at all but for some reason they had mad faith in me that I could do better. Well now I know why they wanted to keep me around.

You are basically the managers slave. Just so he doesn't have to go out and sell, he hires random people to make money for him promising so many things and never recieving a thing. I turned into a drug addict with crack/cocaine because I was once again sales talked into buying it everytime because "it was what wealthy people do".

I now have warrants in several states and it has ruined my life but then again bettered it. I would not recommened anyone to do anything door-to-door unless you know it is a legitament company. It was a learning experince that changed my life around completly.

One reason why I believe in God is because one day I got a call from my mother explaining to me I have court here in Indiana and that I need to come home for court. Well see I am well into this crack ordeal that I was considering skipping court and just getting a warrant. Well that changed becuase that day I went out like usual sold about 5 magazines and was promised a new outfit and new shoes, didn't get it. Once again a promise that was made just so I could make someone else richer. So that night I packed my bags and left on a bus back to Indiana. I traveled the whole northeast in 3 months ripping off tons of Americans so I could make a petty amount everynight for drugs and food. I havent heard from the owner or company and hope to never hear from them again.



Well, I met this guy who had knocked on my door, we got to talking and we stayed in contact with eachother. I drove my car out to Waukegan IL thinking the job was going to be awesome, even though i really didnt know what it was all about! My car had broken down as soon as a pulled into to hotel parking lot. I drove from Ohio to IL, not knowing they would have flown me out. Anyways we went from IL to Nebraska, then made it to Colorado. Thats when I started asking myself questions, I was afraid to ask anyone on crew what they thought about what we were really doing because it seemed like a cult. Anyways we made it to Arizona, I ended up breaking my foot on the job and having to get surgery on it. Before i even got the surgery we jumped to cali. So the "owner" would drive me from cali to AZ for all my doctors apointments and my surgery. This is the crazy part, they had me going door to door or crutches!! WHO DOES THAT!?

I had tried to leave 2 times before i finally made it clear that i had ,had enought of the BS. I felt like I had to stay because I didnt have health insurance and everything was getting paid for though the state of AZ , my surgery and the doc visits. which the surgery was a pretty penny. Anyways I finally left after  the 3rd time i talked to the owner. getting paid 15$ a day to go door to door on crutches was no fun. Im not a parent but I would advise kids/teens who want to do this, to stop and really think what they are getting them self into. Most companys are a scam, Ive had guns pulled out on me, I was chased by a man while I was on my crutches, Luckily nothing bad really ever happend, because I was able to get myself out the sitituations beside when i broke my foot, which I am still recovering from. I will admit it was a good learning experence, about the sales, along with how to talk to people, but there were definately times when I was so down, I would call my mom and just cry. Also, I had drove my car to the hotel where i got the job, I was told by the owner and my manager that one of their family memebers would go pick the car up to make sure it wouldnt get towed. The Day I left the owner told me how it was still at the hotel I left it at, I about Flipped, thank god they never towed it and no one busted into to. I could go on and on about "mag crew". Be careful!



I am not stranded I just quit the crew today

There is blatant drug abuse and abuse to the agents or reps labor laws being broken left and right magazine crew seems great at first and then its fun still after awhile and you get a strong desire to stay and be positive and party and all that good stuff but then when promises made are not met and you feel like your being taken advantage of it starts to suck and you want to leave and then that becomes one of the hardest parts ... i have plenty of texts from my ex boss that are just completely disrespectful and harsh ... i felt exploited and like a slave so i needed to leave and to do so i had to have a person park below my 2nd story window of our hotel and drop all of my stuff to this person and then leave secretely ... well it didnt quite work because i got caught ...its always be positive and go go go but its all just fake and all a canvas for them to make more money and accomplish their own personal agendas ... please use my story for your website



I left Utah at age 18 to sell magazines. It was a long 7 years. I've been beaten , Starved , stranded (several times) , homeless (in several states) , Strung out on drugs , Overdosed & left (in many hospitals (alcohol poisioning) , Stabbed & had an exstensive criminal history. All thanks to the magazine business. I'm now back in Utah & I'm married with children & I'm sober for eight years. If you ever come across someone selling magazines. Reach your hand out & help them. YOU JUST MIGHT BE THE ONE THAT SAVES THEIR LIFE. SOMEONE SAVED MINE. Thank you!!!! DFB

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