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This happened 19 yrs ago, 1995. I had just graduated, had a traumatic childhood in which I had seen my father killed at a young age, and had grown up with the "evil step dad". I wanted out of the small town and see the world, but mostly get away from my home. Then I saw the ad, see the country, make big money.

They had a meeting room at a nice hotel and met my mom (who was totally against it) & promised all the right things. Before I knew it I was in Kentucky, at quite the opposite kind of hotel. Crammed in a room with 12 kids. The next morning it was up & on the go at first light. They dropped us off in the middle of the mountains of Kentucky, these people didn't have money for magazines!! I am not the type to lie & say I was a college student trying to earn money. They lived in shacks!! And when that didn't work they'd leave us at a gas station, car wash,etc half the night begging basically. I hated it right away. Not to mention the partying the drugs, I was raped several times, once along side the road by the guy they left me with to train. I was drugged once with something that made me break out all over, I had been raped. They had promised I could go home any time but they kept putting me off. We were all over the Kentucky hills in every nasty motel there was. I saw the other workers buy drugs and steal off people we would try to get to buy our magazines. I had people pull guns on me, it was horrific, and they wouldn't let me call home. Finally I got to call my mom, after I got off the phone i told the manager that I was wanted by the law in my town (I had never been in trouble, it was all I could think of) I told them the cops would be looking for me if I didn't get home. About 4 days later I got lucky and they had to go pick someone up in my state. They were not nice about it, and NEVER paid me, but they took me and dropped me off about 75 miles from my home town in the middle of the night.

I learned a horrible lesson, I have a good job now, but will never forget that month. I avoid mag crews when I see them around. I know their tricks & lies. I hope these stories help save someone from thinking there's easy money doing this.



Mag crew certainly isn't for everyone. That being said, that year on crew was a struggle to say the least. I'm sure each person has hundreds of like stories from their travels. From newbies getting hazed to circus jumps to avoid being arrested. One of the most memorable times for me was when the entire company came together for Christmas and it turned into an 120 person brawl ruining Christmas.


I am going to keep this basic. I started selling magazines in 2004. The stories r genuinely true.

$20 Dollars a day...what am I gonna do with that...slavery n sweat for 10/12 Hours a DAMN day! Lots of fights drugs alcohol sleazy sex... Nasty fat bald head manager guy Tryna get with me...ugh Yuck so much went down! Trust nobody. I did like a guy who used to be in the military but that went nowhere because of separation jealousy and bullshit.

I volunteered to leave the crew so I was stranded in Detroit Michigan and had to do some Street time. I did head back home to cAli. The owners and head managers make there wealth off of the youth! What a damn shame!

By the way I did connect with a some real cool people.

I do pray that anyone in this situation now or from the past that there will be courageous strength of moving forward. May God Be with u all through this traumatic so called job! With all said Godblessu!

Remember YOU Are in control your choices not those punks!



This happened in 2009. I saw an ad in the local newspaper that seemed enticing. It said ''travel and see the world while selling magazine for top companies.'' I had a really nice job that paid well but I wanted to travel. So I quit my job and the company arranged a greyhound from Mississippi to their current location in DeerField Beach, Florida. I had friends in neighboring cities so I had a blast. I wasn't working yet so things seemed to be a lot of fun. I said goodbye to my friends as we left for Fredricksburg, VA. As soon as we began working in Virginia, things changed. The hours were extremely long and no matter the weather we worked. If you didn't meet your sales quota at the end of the week you were given only $25.

Magazine door to door sales company isn't for everyone. I came from a good family and had a good job. This was not for me. I didn't have a story or a gimmick to trick ppl into buying. This experience only lasted maybe a month or so. Happily, I moved on and currently make six figures.



After going through prior trauma and needing to get out of a situation quickly, a friend who had done magcrew in the past offered me to come with him and do it. I ended up getting molested by one of the supervisors after disclosing my trauma to him as he had been gentle and kind to me prior. It happened in the open, with other people watching, in a gas station.

I decided after that that I needed to leave. The mag crew I was with had promised that we would get a greyhound back to where we needed at any time, but they refused to pay, and left me at a closed greyhound stop at night, but thankfully I had a family member who bought me a ticket and I was safely taken away.

The others girls I sold with all had similar traumatic experiences, and most of them had resorted to sexual favors to keep from getting kicked out. When I joined, I had been promised an office position (I had just come from working in an office for a year, and had a good deal of administrative experience), which obviously, did not happen.

Being female in a magcrew is, from my experience and others, a guarantee to be sexually harassed and/or assaulted at some point, and the random people's houses you go to aren't the perpetrators -- it's those you work with.

Mag crews, from the top down, are disgusting. People are abused and are then turned into abusers. People in the most vulnerable situations choose this as a viable path to get away, and end up in yet another vulnerable and potentially more dangerous situation.


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