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I thought that the New York Times video was okay. If I could offer some criticism, it would be to say that the video makes no mention of sex. I was on a travelling sales crew in the summer of 1984 and can positively attest to the practice of indoctrinating agents into sexual behavior that they otherwise wouldn't be involved with. I was there only a month, I think, maybe 6 weeks. During my time spent with this crew, I witnessed verbal abuse every day. The public shaming of underperformers was routine and deliberate, so as to send a message to all other agents. This was a long time ago but it is my take that the young women were tacitly encouraged to sell their bodies for a sale and I suspect the young men as well. Sleeping arrangements were made by managers. I recall women dressed scantily and provocatively. Not all of them, but more than a few. One instance, late afternoon one day, the van was picking agents up at the drop points. One girl wore high heels and leopard print shorts.



Magazine life was ok for the travelling experience BUT you will not walk away with any money when you quit and are ready to go back home.

I joined a crew in 1990. It had about 50 crew members when I joined.

I don't have any horror stories about crew events..I had a pretty awesome crew BUT i was dropped into neighborhoods that didn't like black people. (I am black) the crew was always sympathetic once they found out, and I actually had crew members that stuck up for me in uncomfortable situations.

Yes, everybody on crew smoked weed and we also popped pills(uppers) But i don't know of anyone getting beat or being made to stay.

Manager always bought you a bus ticket when you were ready.

all in all,I didn't make any money to bring home, I got like $20-$30/daily...worked in rain,sleet,hail, didn't matter..ONLY SUNDAYS off.

we started at about 9 am,ended at 8pm-9pm.

I met cool people that I am still cool with to this day.



a lot of false stories about how fun it was going to be but turns out it was not fun at all. Not knowing where you are if something would happen. All they cared about was how many sales you had that day.


I worked from May 2005 thru October 2005. I was in the unenviable position of losing my home, because my bills exceeded my income, and my job couldn't cover any more than it did. I saw an ad in the Richmond Times Dispatch. I thought it was a godsend. I was wrong. The 'recruiter' wouldn't give me much, other than I was going to have the time of my life. I was sent out of Richmond on a greyhound bus to Salt Lake City, UT. Upon arrival the Owner/Operator kept selling the 'good times' I was going to have. I recieved 2 days of 'training'. I say 'training' because the majority of the time I was with my 'trainer' I was being grilled about the possibility of my being a cop. I'm caucasian. Other than that I was learning where to score 'weed', where I could get away with smoking 'weed' and where to urinate in public. I was appauled. I told the owner I wanted to go home. I said 'This is not for me'. He said I had to earn the money to go home, or I could walk. I felt trapped, and I resigned.


a042010 April 2010

My crew was amazing. We smoked alot of pot and drank when we wanted. The hard work never bugged me. I walk everywhere anyways, and im charismatic. So i fit in.

Eventually the work wore down the friends i went with. My fiancee and i shared a room and they repeatedly threatened to split us up if we didnt make our quota. The other people there were treated pretty bad sometimes. I remember boxing with my car handler for fun, but im pretty sure it was a setup to try and put me in my place. We traveled across the country from chicago to detroit, The jobless rate there was so depressing, those people were starving and near homeless and we still had to sell them on our crappy scam. We couldnt make our quotas so we headed south very quickly and ended up in west virginia. When my friend quit, even though he had been promised a ride home they stranded him. Even though they wanted me to go with them, i quit also. I promised him that id walk back home with him if we needed to.What they didnt count on was that i have a lawyer, and that i had stolen a copy of my contract, something none of the others had the foresight to do. So after a quick call to my state representative, our owner was forced to buy us a bus ticket AND a taxi to the bus station. We made it home safely and i back to the arms of my fiancee, who had left the crew weeks earlier to take care of her ailing mother.

I recomend anyone who wants to join, BE READY. People who dont understand the real world are victims waiting to happen and magazine crews are designed to eat victims.


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