My sister and I saw the newspaper ad promising travel and making good money. We were let out of the van in seedy neighborhoods. We sold no magazines. So, we were being charged for our hotel and our meals... since we didn't make enough to cover those things. We started hearing a story from several "members" about a girl who wanted to leave but wasn't allowed to. Then the girl disappeared. After hearing this story several times, my sister and I made a sneaky plan to use a phone and call home for someone to come 4 hrs. to pick us up. The 'owner' was very nasty looking and in a wheelchair, which we thought may be fake. We were taught to lie in order to make a sale. I can't even imagine what our group must've looked like to passersby. I mainly remember my sister and I feeling very scared and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I had no idea these groups were still around.