I first heard of mag crew in walmart in my small home town. The guy i spoke with made it sound fabulous. He told me i had the chance to earn "a grip of money" who wouldnt want that?

The first week was just as he had promised, fun every night, super nice people, and money at the end of every day. About the second week, i was hearing about girls getting hit at the hotel and people doing hard drugs behind closed doors. Towards the end of the second week I had the chance to go to california. I took the opportunity and spent my earned money, with promises of repayment, on a bus ticket. 12 hours later i was in sunny california with all new people and no money.

Every night after that was a struggle. I never had enough money and I started to see that we were earning our money on a scam. My cell phone broke and I had no way of contacting my family as I was always out on T with my managers girlfriend. Towards the 5th and 6th weeks I was on crew, i became sick of selling magazines and making money for everyone but me. I asked my manager to send me home. He told me to give him a day.

The next day he told me to try it again and i was put to work. At that point i was so sick of them, i just went and layed in the sunshine untill pick up time. The day after that I stayed in the motel after everyone left and i called my mom and she bought me a ticket. The only problem was getting to the bus station.

At that point my manager told me he wouldnt help me any longer. So I went upstairs to the room of the owner of our company. I asked his gf for a ride, and she agreed.

As i went to get my stuff, the owner of the company and a senior manager came around the corner. They asked me where i was going and i told them home. The senior manager with the owner told me to give him a hug goodbye and because i knew it was easier then saying no i went in for a side hug. At that point i only weighed about 110 and being a well fed, well paid manager, he weighed at least twice that so when i went for the side hug, he grabbed me in a bear hug and hung me over the balcony. The owner of the company, seeing this, came over. I was upside down and hanging two stories over a concrete sidewalk, and i thought he would surely help. Instead he lifted up my shirt and held my hands while the senior manager gave me a "pink belly". I was so degraded and humiliated.

I wouldn't wish my worst enemey to be on a crew.