I started with this particular sales company because I liked the idea of becoming a part of something that would allow me the opportunity to excel in the business of sales. I was happy at the fact that I would be traveling as well. The thing is., it wasn't what it was cracked out to be. When I arrived the paid training rate change, it wasn’t a five hundred dollar sign on bonus It was later told to me that the money from the sign on bonus was used for any cancelation and boarding that I may incur until I got the business down. Although if I didn't the business down I would then be terminated and might get sent home and they would provide a ticket, if I last it longer than 60 days. So much for the two weeks which they told me on the phone was the minimum requirement. They gave me little money to eat I had to worry about my belongings being stolen do to the fact that I had a roommate. It dawned on me that this was slavery I was in a very oppressive situation with little to no money and barely making it when it came to food.

I only stayed on as long as I did just o get in a city I was a little comfortable with and one day on territory I never came back. I been sleeping in shelters out her, finally found a clothing closet thank god for carrying me to this sight if anybody actually read this... I just hopes this story helps enlighten your views on this particular path, and two to hopefully give some sort of inspiration to help all of us that away from our families and love ones, sustain are position in new cities that all be bless and driven. PEACE