I was leaving my best friends house and immediately greeted by around 6 people in a green 94 suburban with Colorado plates.

I started in march of 2013 cuz at the time I was homeless and looking for a job since December with no luck and it sounded great, travel the country and get paid to do it, they partied with a famous rapper and actually owned a house next to his. The owner was a billionaire and they said they only smoked weed and drank nothing hard so I was cool with that.

I joined and after the three day training period I was on my own making $20 minimum every night for the first two weeks. We went from Arizona to Texas and I realized everyone does meth or heroin and I tried smack for the first time haven't touched it since but I have been arrested in Arkansas for soliciting without a permit.

In Tennessee I joined a small developing crew with the guy that trained me (he is a heroin addict who was dishonorably discharged and spent 3 years in prison) and I was the first member on the crew. One night he beats my ass while he is on heroin because I had tripple c's on me (seems hypocritical) and a couple days later I get falsely accused of training a newbie to take donations (which is worthy of prison time for fraud) and get my ass beat and subsequently fired. They bought me a ticket home didn't pay for my extra bags and got me to the gracie (greyhound) 30 min after the bus left. If it wasn't for the nice lady behind the counter, I would be stranded in Tennessee cuz they made me miss the bus and didn't pay for the other $60 my bags would have cost.

Now I have a job and am living with my parents again in South Carolina - no longer a homeless addict. I'm clean and turning my life around and as much as people want to say they are frauds - the magazines do come in because I sent some to my house and I get them monthly. Company just runs the business horribly.