Bad Experience

Well my name it mike I was 18 yrs, I was throwing the football outside of my house with y best friend , and a guy is walking around going door to door and he asked if we wanted to travel for free ? And we replied and said HELL YEAH !

Immediately got us recruited garenteed us a $500 paid training we never got, I hated it as soon as my training period was over, door to door wasn't me but I had to learn in order to eat. I had alot of good days in sales but I still wasn't paid or then cuz gas fees hotel fees supplies fees and more! So stupid...we travel from VA all the way to NM,TX,TN & Colorado ....then we jumped to Kansas . I hated tracking period in a old Chevy suburban.

At that point I was sick and tired of $20 a day and when selling only 1 u get 5 bucks ..u got nothing when u blanked and I hated how trapped I felt ...there was a time I was so hungry and starved I begged the crew leader for five dollars for dinner even though I blanked and he told me no because I blanked on sales for that day, so I had to starve. Winded up passing out in McDonalds bathroom ...I woke right back up and felt completly abused at that point (at least a dollar for a bag of chips so I can eat something but NOpE) and they woke us up so damn early & I got so sick of waking up singing bullshit crew songs at 6:00am. It was something I wish I never got into ..when we jumped states , we had to move all the managers shit in the trailer as the manager watched!!! All they did was smoke weed and be proud to scam ppl.

So we are in Kansas, We are working crack head neighborhoods (ghetto) . So I got sick of the life of a mag agent and cheering bullshit songs & starving when I blank or only have 1 (never had my quota) I told my manager im out that I hated this & he told me that he was sorry I felt that way that he would take me to a bus station and send me home. Little did I know he was about to leave me stranded. He dropped me off and as I turn my head to see if he gets out to buy my ticket and he doesn't ...he speeds off and I am by myself with my friend in Kansas from VA. We was stranded with no Food or water or anything . I didn't know anyone at all. We had started walking to the homeless shelter called "the mission" and it stunk so bad in there I couldn't even sleep there . So we are still walking (for days) and I finally check my Facebook from some random guys phone and my family had no clue I was stranded. So I called my mother...she couldn't buy my ticket cuz she's struggling to keep a roof over her head so I'm left stuck & hungry and tired .... So my friend talked a lady into buying us a night at a hotel and she did. We thought things over threw the night and I got a FB message from a friend I haven't seen in YEARS (7) ....he's in the military and was stationed in Topeka Kansas. And he was scheduled for vacation he was gunna be going to VA in a couple days . That he would take us!!! I was happy as ever...BUT he wasn't leaving for VA until Friday ....& it was Wednesday at the time. So I had to struggle & starve for days until he took us back to VA. I advise that no one ever join a mag crew cuz you will be f$#@ed .