I found the job on Craigslist was very excited because came from very low income living. It was rough for me growing up but I was the only one who did not have kids at my age, when I got to New York. I noticed I was the only black girl on crew so far. Only black person period. I quickly had to adjust myself to the word nigger being used a lot.

A few weeks went by and another black girl joined, I was able to express to her how I did not appreciate the way the word nigger was used as well as their way of pushing us to do better if we did not make any sales we were left out of events, belittled and forced to sit in the trunk of the company expo with 5/6 other people.

While on this journey, I was arrested in a state for soliciting without a permit, I had to sit in a holding cell for 18 hrs , I now will have a warrant if I can't pay the fine or show up to court in a state that is hundreds of miles away from me.

I also have dealt with a lot of racist people while knocking doors. I have had guns pulled on me and dogs sicked on me and was told by my manager to suck it up. I was rushed to the hospital one day while at a door and my manager told me it was not that serious. I had a death in my family and was also told family is not making us money so stop letting them make us lose focus. We were made to walk in the rain in below 30 weather.

I became best friends with the black girl that was there and one day she decided to quit, was made to stay at the bus stop even after closing hrs . Me being a good friend I hung out with her the whole night.

The next morning I woke up to my cell phone missing and my blacker was snatched off my body by my manager, he had went through my phone while I was sleep and noticed I hung out with the girl who quit a day before. I was told to leave, my property was thrown out and I was called ghetto the b word and plenty niggers . I called my mother off the hotel phone and the phone cord was snatched out the wall. My mother, who I still have yet to see was called and told I was on a bus headed home inferring that my ticket was purchased.

I got to the bus station and my friend who quit was still at the station. While waiting on our bus we were sent scary messages making us both scared. She missed her bus to stay and talk to police who were no help. We begged and pleaded for our bus to be scheduled at the same time. It was granted. I now am with my family who missed bills to get me somewhere safe. I still get threatening comments on my social networks about my phone being stolen, about them having my address and info in my phone.

This story can be shared. I do not want anyone to ever think this job is a great idea. I will be paying for this for a long time.