It was a week before I turned 21 and I had just quit my first job at an auto parts store.

I saw an ad in the paper along the same lines as many others posted here. Fun! Travel! Money!

I decided to call and basically the only thing they wanted to know was how fast I could get to the hotel on the other side of town as they were leaving town the next day.

The next morning I had a friend drive me there and take my car back to his place, leaving myself at the mercy of the "crew".

I was loaded into a Dodge passenger van with 11 other people and we headed for Delaware. The driver was telling everyone to look out for police as his license "might" be revoked. After a stressful 12 hours we pulled into a cheap hotel in Dover.

I was told that night I would get a bed but after that the lowest seller has to sleep on the floor. Not a very attractive proposition.

The next morning we were up at 6 and were told to eat at the "continental breakfast" at the hotel. By the time everyone had shoved and fought for everything I ended up with an orange for breakfast.

I was told I would be training for half the day and then on my own. As soon as the first door opened and he began his pitch I knew it was a scam. He was telling one customer we were earning points for a scholarship and another that we were trying to collect enough money to earn a trip for our class.

It was noon and the trainer still had not made a sale but told me that I got the point and they dropped me off.

I never knocked on the first door. I had realized I made a mistake and this was not the place for me.

The saving grace for me was the fact that I had been saving a little while at my other job. I was able to call a cab and get to the bus station, buy my own ticket and get home as well as eat.

The people running these scams are master manipulators. They are looking for people down on their luck and with few