I was sitting at McDonalds filling out a food stamp application when an attractive young man walked up randomly and sat down across the table. He asked me if I what I was doing and then took away my application. He told me I didn't need it that I could make money working selling books door to door. I had just lost my job, my apartment and on top of everything I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant. The money sounded good so I said I would ride with them to Corpus. They loaded up my one bag and we left. Within the year that followed I worked for several different companies. Bought and sold like a slave. I was pimped out to joneses, beaten and raped repeatedly while pregnant, I was stranded in Nashville, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Ohio, I was arrested multiple times and left in jail for days. Until I finally found a good crew where I was treated right, and paid correctly, and taken care of. I loved that crew and still do consider them family. But it was a long hard road there, I was in a car wreck that sent my daughter and I home with me barely able to walk, and permanently disabled, because the driver was huffing duster and passed out. We rolled the suburban 9 times and I was thrown 200 ft. my back was broken, 6 ribs, my shoulder, my hip and my ankle were broken. It's a hard life and not for everyone. It’s not a job. It’s a way of life, and if u let things get to you easily you won't last, I would not recommend this lifestyle for anyone trying to get their life right and settle down. It’s a hard life, and while u can make money with it, but is it really worth the drama, STDs, drugs, and abuse u go through to get to the top and be somebody? I would say no. now imp happily home with my now almost 1 year old daughter and a loving husband who left mag crew with me. Once a mag agent always a mag agent though, I still miss it but I wouldn’t trade my safe and secure life as a Jones for anything.