This happened in 2009. I saw an ad in the local newspaper that seemed enticing. It said ''travel and see the world while selling magazine for top companies.'' I had a really nice job that paid well but I wanted to travel. So I quit my job and the company arranged a greyhound from Mississippi to their current location in DeerField Beach, Florida. I had friends in neighboring cities so I had a blast. I wasn't working yet so things seemed to be a lot of fun. I said goodbye to my friends as we left for Fredricksburg, VA. As soon as we began working in Virginia, things changed. The hours were extremely long and no matter the weather we worked. If you didn't meet your sales quota at the end of the week you were given only $25.

Magazine door to door sales company isn't for everyone. I came from a good family and had a good job. This was not for me. I didn't have a story or a gimmick to trick ppl into buying. This experience only lasted maybe a month or so. Happily, I moved on and currently make six figures.