I am going to keep this basic. I started selling magazines in 2004. The stories r genuinely true.

$20 Dollars a day...what am I gonna do with that...slavery n sweat for 10/12 Hours a DAMN day! Lots of fights drugs alcohol sleazy sex... Nasty fat bald head manager guy Tryna get with me...ugh Yuck so much went down! Trust nobody. I did like a guy who used to be in the military but that went nowhere because of separation jealousy and bullshit.

I volunteered to leave the crew so I was stranded in Detroit Michigan and had to do some Street time. I did head back home to cAli. The owners and head managers make there wealth off of the youth! What a damn shame!

By the way I did connect with a some real cool people.

I do pray that anyone in this situation now or from the past that there will be courageous strength of moving forward. May God Be with u all through this traumatic so called job! With all said Godblessu!

Remember YOU Are in control your choices not those punks!