To make it short. I was bouncing around house to house with friends before I joined crew. I was in bad shape, and I needed change. When this kid knocked on my door, he gave me a speech about winning a contest, I asked to join the deal. Few hours later, I got crammed into a 4 person car with 6 inside. I didn't care, I just wanted to run and be free.

First place I stayed was Florida. These people on the crew were lewd and perverted. A lot of croons and ex cons; perverts and moms brought their young kids too. Some days were hang out pay days, others were sleep on the floor.

Girls had it a tad easier, but not all the time. During my time as an agent, I was wasted a lot. Arrested. Went to jail several times and even lost my liscense.

If you think that's bad, I can tell you this:

people that are yours peers in that life are dangerous. I got my ass beat. I got raped and never said a word. I was afraid. After two crews, my last one made up my mind. Fucking your boss was the best way to stay out of trouble, unless you didn't sell. I'm disgusted with who I was then. Only cool thang about magazines was the new places.

When I said I wanted to leave, after a few months of the latest group, everyone tried to talk me out of it. Got raped, stomped on and heartbroken.

I got stranded at a bus station with a ticket and $25 cause someone stole from me. I got so sick and cold on that two day trip from Oklahoma to Florida. The folks that I was with when I left, they came for me. Fed me.

Nowadays, I'm engaged. I have a house, paid in full. Two full time jobs and two cars. 24 and only smoking weed isn't too bad. I can tell you this, I hate magazines.

End of the story, and yeah. Include this to your collection.

One more thing; it's even scarier when those people find themselves in your town.