It's been 16 years since I left a Mag crew in Seattle and I see it's still the same. At that time I was in a bad place.

I called a number in the back of a newspaper and they sent me a bus ticket to Indianapolis. Within 6 months I had made it to sea. 6 days 12 to 14 hours for less than $10 a day. Sleeping in hotels with 4 other people you don't know. Lonely for home I got with a guy I liked. Needless to say he threw me to the curb. I left and went home before I could tell them I was pregnant. My son is 16 now and will never know his biological father. I have a husband who has been with him since day one.

These crews force you to do anything for your quota. You are brainwashed every morning at a meeting or ridiculed if you're not making your quota. You depend on them for survival.

Get out. There's no future. Go to school, job corp. I work at Walmart now. They will hire you and help you get a GED. You will see the world. Just the right way. God bless